tumors:what is it? by Diana her. Mendiola


A tumor is untypical mass of tissue which may be solid or fluid-filled. tumors can be benign,(not cancerous ),pre-malignant(pr-cancerous)or malignant (cancerous) .

a tumor is called neoplasm.

causes of tumors

there are many causes why peolpe get tumors . One of the main is that cells divide and it gets out of control! but there are others reasons why.here some reasons :

1) Tabacco~ this leads problems with the body's immune system and that it can lead to tumors. 🌬

2)drinking too much alcohol ~ this can also lead problems with the body's immune system. 🥃

3) too much sunlight ~ ☀️

4)obesity ~ makes the cells divide more.

5) gentic problems ~ some people have gentic pronmles that causes them to have a tumor.

another reason that tumors from is that the balance of cell growth is unbalanced and that may cause a tumor.

types of Tumors

There are 120 types of tumors. Here are some of them.

Fibroids - this tumor is a bengian. it grows on tissue of any organ in the body. it is made out of many fibers and few cells. it usually is found in armpits ,groin,neck and eyelids.

Hemangiomas~are benign tumors and it is made out of too much blood cells. they are sometimes found in the surface of the skin. they are usually called strawberry marks. They appear at birth and usually disappear within a couple of years.

lipomas - The most common form of soft tissue tumor. They are common for people of 40+ years and are generally movable, small, painless and. soft to touch.

intresting facts

here are 5 interesting facts:

1)"There are almost 700,000 people in the United States living with a primary brain tumor, almost 69,000 will be diagnosed this year."

2)" Over 120 different types of brain tumors have been found.

3) While the cause of primary brain tumors is unknown, some symptoms are headaches, seizures, personality changes, eye weakness, nausea or vomiting, and short-term memory loss.

4) "Most primary brain tumors have no known cause and are linked to no known risk factors. They affect all ages, genders and ethnicities."

5) 688,096 Americans are living with brain tumors.


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not cancerous~ this means that it won't spread.

cancerous~ this means that it can spread.

tumors~ a tumor is werid mass tissue .

obesity ~ when peolpe eat too much and it is bad for them and for their health.

Fibroids~ a type of tumor, that is benign and the cause of this tumor is because it has few cells.

Hemangiomas~a type of tumor, that is benign and the cause of this tumor is because it has too many blood cells.

lipomas~ a type of tumor and the cause of this tumor is because they have fat cells.

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