Idaho By Karina Figueroa

Idaho forbids a citizen to give another citizen more than 50 pounds of candy.

Idahos state animal is an appaloosa hore. It is unique because of its patterns and colors.

A mountain blue bird is Idaho's state bird. It's been the state bird since 1931.

Idaho's state flower is a syringa. This flower usually blooms in May or June.

A monarch butterfly is Idaho's state insect. The scientific names for this butterfly is Danaus Plexippus.

Esto es prepetua is Idaho's state moto. This means let it be preptua.

Idaho's state nickname is gem state. Idaho got its nickname because of all the abundance of natural resources.

Idaho's state song is ''Here we have Idaho".

Idaho's state stone is a star garnet. This stone contains star sapphire and star ruby.

A whitepine in Idaho's state tree. Its wood is alway stright.

Idaho's state capital is boise. In 1960 the boise river was used as a dumping ground.

Major cities in idaho are Idaho Falls and Boise. Boise is Idaho's state capital. Idaho Fallls is a landmark.

It is usually 64* in the summer, 30* in winter, and the snow is usually very heavy. The land looks like a prarie.

Shoshone Falls and Idaho moon crater National Park are some of Idaho's landmarks.

Some trourist atractions in Idaho are Silver Wood Theme Park; it has rides and a water park. Idaho Potato Museum is a museum full of potatos. Upper Mesa Falls is a 30 mile byway.

Joe Albertson is the grocery chain founder. Frank F is a church polition. Lillian Disney artist is the wife of Walt Disney.

Some sport teams that play in Idaho are the Boise Hawks; they are a baseball teams. Also, Idaho Steelheads are a hockey team.

Some colleges that are in Idaho are The Collage of Idaho and the Idaho State University.

Created By
Karina Figueroa


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