Mark Twain And all about his Life

1870: Mark married a woman named Olivia who he thought was charming.In 1870 in the month of November,Langdon a very sick and frail boy,was born. In 1871, 6 months later than Langdon,Susy was born. Ten weeks later,Langdon caught diphtheria,died,and left the family heartbroken. June 8 1874: a girl named Clara was born into the family. On July 26 1880 another girl named Jean was born as well. Suzy died in 1891 when she never made it to one of Mark’s speeches. Olivia/Livy’s heart was so low that she had to go to the hospital. Livy died in 1904 and Mark,Jean, and Clara wrapped their hands around her one last time. Jean developed epilepsy in the same year and was horribly unwell. Jean got a heart attack on Christmas Eve and died in 1904. Mark saw his once happy family torn to pieces and said “I shall never write again.”The income from Mark’s books couldn't cover the family expenses so they left to Europe.


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