What will you do to protect these faces? #EndtheViolence

Everyday millions of people go to work and school, just their typical day. For too many of these people, the day ends up far from normal. Gun violence is happening all around us, and prevention is possible. It is everyone's responsibility to help promote gun regulation and violence prevention in our communities.

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School armed, and killed twenty young children, as well as six adults. Doctors claim that Lanza suffered from mental issues and also had a fascination with guns. April 20, 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris walked into Columbine High School armed, and killed twelve students and one adult. Both shooters had prior criminal records and obsession with mass killing. All three shooters killed themselves after their attacks. These are just two incidents where innocent people lost their lives as the result of troubled and mentally ill people who were able to obtain weapons. How many more incidents does there need to be before prevention takes place?
Just this year alone, in the third month, there has already been over 13,000 incidents involving guns. They are taking place all over the country, and are affecting every group of people. In particular, there has already been at least 74 school shootings both at elementary schools and on college campuses. Every person is at risk of falling victim to gun violence, because you never know who has possession of one and what they are capable of.

What are the signs of potential gun violence?

  • A strong obsession with guns and firearms or excessive studying of the topic
  • Over-reaction, aggression, or intense anger brought on by a minor situation
  • A sudden change in academic performance or low future aspirations
  • Long or cumulative history of bullying or falling victim to violence and self-harm
  • Extreme isolation or social withdrawl
  • Access to firearms
  • Making overt threats of violence through social media, words, writing, videos, etc.
  • Lack of self control
  • Mental illness that leads to self-harm, feelings of hopelessness, suicide attempts, or is due to previous abuse
80% of school shooters told someone of their violent plans prior to the event. - SAndy hook promise

Mental Illness and Gun Violence

So many have been affected by gun violence. Don't let anyone else.

What can you do to spread prevention?

There is not one answer for what causes gun violence. It is brought on by numerous factors pertaining to the individual, their family, school, social and private life during both childhood and adolescence. One of the best ways to prevent gun violence is to do your research on the potential risks and behaviors of a violent individual, and aim to reduce their access to obtaining weapons. There are programs to help individuals suffering from mental illnesses that could potentially cause them to become violent. Prevention starts during childhood, where children need to be brought up with a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. There have been policies put in place to prohibit high-risk groups from obtaining guns. Finally, one of the best things we can do to prevent gun violence is to stress the importance of keeping guns locked away until an emergency situation arises.

Do your part. Help protect our communities.

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