My Christmas break

People that I saw

  • I saw a lot of family
  • I missed my friends and serena
  • I visit my family and they visit me, they come to are house on Christmas

Did I sleep a lot and eat a lot

  • I woke up at 8:00 and that was the earliest I woke up
  • The latest I stated up was till 2:15
  • I did get a chance to relaxes more, I got to sleep more, and I ate a lot of stuff.
  • The Grinch and The polar express.
  • I went to epic six and to my granny's house

The Gifts

  • I got a ukulele and and some knifes, This gun cleaning kit.
  • A ukulele
  • Candy

I am not ready for school because I was so used to staying up and I'm not ready to get up early for school. I was ready for school to because I wanted to see my friends. I was more not ready because I had fun on Christmas break.


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