The Seventh Tuesday We Talk About The Fear Of Aging faith binimow

This chapter is about the fear of aging. Morrie tells Mitch to embrace his aging and not to fear it. Morrie says he is apprehensive for aging, all the experiences good and bad. Yes some times me envies younger people. he was that age once. Morrie explains aging is growing, not just getting older but getting wiser. Everything a person goes threw as they grow up is the steps to who your going to be when your 76. He explains that you should look at the good things i your life right now. He says not to envy someone younger. It's not the fear of aging it's the fact that aging usually means death. Everyone who is scared of aging is afraid of death.

Morrie says, "as you grow, you learn more. If you stayed at 22, you'd always be as ignorant as you were when you were at 22"(Albom 118).

Morrie teaches Mitch that he should embrace aging not be afraid of it. He tells Mitch be thankful that he was younger once and to take the things he has learned and use them to grow.

Morries bed symbolizes him giving up. At the begging he didn't want to lay in bed because it means he has excepted that he is going to die .

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