Of all the love stories Ours is my favourite

We met for the first time in 2006!

I was 13, He was 17

We met through My auntie Trish and his Dad Pete

At Reading speedway

I was there with my programme

He was there smoking a cigar

But we wernt aloud to be together because I was too young

Alot happened over the next 6 years!

We had our first kiss in the snow

Any many more sneaky kisses after that everytime we saw each other

Richard followed me out of a nightclub because i was upset

We argued about not being together and i told Richard to never speak to me again!

But he never gave up!

And this picture is the night me and Richard stopped messing around and realised we wanted to be together!

7th of august 2012


He took Erin on as his own and we became a family!

Then 2 years later, this happened...

Will you..

Do me the honour...

Of being my wife.. YES!

A year and a half later..




Layla joanne olivia Edwards was born

And on

Saturday the 2nd of September

We will be

Mr & Mrs Edwards

To be continued..

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Danielle James

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