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Welcome to our Physical Science Website! The purpose of the site is to give you a quick n' easy location for all our class materials. Below, you will find our syllabus, the "Proficiency Matrix" (a fancy title for the learning standards you will tackle and be graded on), our YouTube channel (which will be filled with tutorials made by students for students), as well as links to all the units we will be covering. When you click on a unit link, you will be magically transported to a separate site with everything we cover in class (and more). Finally, the Weekly Vocab and Lab Report Writing links will offer up resources for our vocabulary lists and reports we will be writing on the experiments we complete in class. Enjoy...and see you in class! ~Mr. Worthing

Essential Question(s):

How does the kinetic theory of matter explain atomic behavior?

What are the physical and chemical properties of matter?

How do gases and fluids behave?

Essential Question(s):

What is the relationship between wave frequency, speed, wavelength and period?

What are some of the unique behaviors of sound waves?

What are some of the differences between sound as a wave and light as a wave?

How does light behave as a particle, and how is this behavior used to transmit information?

Essential Question(s)

What are the relationships between forces and motion?

What are the variables that affect motion and force?

How does Newton’s three laws describe the motion of a moving object?

How does gravity impact objects?

Essential Question(s)

What is the relationship between work and energy?

What types of forces tend to conserve mechanical energy?

What types of forces tend to remove mechanical energy from a system? How do these types of forces affect efficiency?

How does the law of conservation of energy apply to the universe as a whole, and to smaller systems within the universe?

How does the energy transformation process occur in a small system vs. a larger system?

What role does Power play in the energy transformation process?

Essential Question(s)

What are the variables that affect electrostatic force?

What are what are the effects of electrical resistance? How does Ohm’s law describe the motion of charge through a conductor?

What is the relationship between electric current and magnetic fields?

VOCABULARY...Prefixes and roots are essential to understanding many scientific terms. We will be completing weekly vocabulary lists with ~12 prefixes/roots every week (quizzes will be Thursday/Friday). Assessment are based off the rubric linked HERE.

LAB REPORT WRITING...Throughout the semester we will be learning (and practicing) the scientific writing process. The links below are intended to help guide you through the process

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