How Otzi the iceman died. By:Harman Thandi

This is the iceman's mummified remains.

Otzi the iceman is a well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived around 5,300 years ago. A European couple were hiking in the northern alps ,and had discovered the corpse of Otzi on a sheet of ice next to a glacier , on the 19th of September 1991. When Otzi was found, he had his legs and arms spread apart with an distinctive look on his face. He was a 45 year old man when he died back in the copper age nearly 5,300 years ago. He had all of his belongings with him when he died including his copper axe.

Otzi the iceman's copper axe

Scientists believed that Otzi was caught in a heavy snowfall, fell asleep, and froze to death. Scientists thought of this because there were no signs of him being attacked on the body, nor did they find any deep wounds that may have caused him to die. Scientists deduced that Otzi had to be covered in ice completely, for him to stay intact without his body being preyed on or any of his belongings to be taken. Scientists also wanted to know when he died so they examined the ice in which he'd been found. This contained pollen that they could identify as coming from autumn flowering plants, so they deduced that Otzi had died in the autumn.

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