Parents and carers guide to Arbor


At Mapplewell Primary School we are continuously striving to improve our communication with parents/carers. It was discovered from the latest parental questionnaires that we had too many forms of communication systems in place. We have took this on board and are excited to introduce of a new way of connecting with parents/carers offering a new system which has everything at hand.

As of Monday 13th July 2020 our new Arbor payment system will be live for parents/carers to access. This can be accessed via the Arbor App and can be accessed on any mobile device, please follow the instructions below. School staff will be on hand to support and guide you through the changes.

Step 1 - As of Monday 13th July 2020, all parents/carers should received an email or text from Arbor with their user name, this will be sent to the email address we have registered on our system (this is the same as the email used on school gateway). If we do not have an email address registered the information will be sent by text.

The initial set up will be via the link through an internet browser.

This system can then be accessed via the Arbor App and is available for all mobile devices.

Step 2 - To access the App on mobile devices, parents/carers will need to download the arbor app from the mobile devices App Store. Once the app has been downloaded, parents/carers can log in using the information they registered as above.

They can then log into the app to access pupil information and make payments.

Online Payment System

To make payments go to Dashboard > Payments > Top Up Account > Payment Amount and input card details.

Within the payments area, all other payment requests are available i.e. trips, afterschool clubs etc....

Pupil Information

Following log on parents/carers will be able to view their pupils profiles.

If you have more than one child attending the same school using Arbor, you can easily switch which child you are viewing.

Click the profile icon at the bottom right of your screen and click ‘Switch student’.

If this is the first time you are viewing information for this child, you will have to confirm their birth date, then click ‘ Verify Access’.

Any information you input may not update automatically. This may be because your school has chosen not to automatically accept the changes you have made. To make sure the information has updated, take these steps in this order:

  • Ask the staff at your school to confirm and save the changes made
  • Pull the page down to refresh it
  • Log out and log back into the Arbor App

Should you require any assistance with accessing this app please speak to a member of the school office.


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