Environment and Sustainability by:Angelique Jolie

But not only are we damaging our environment but we're damaging our animals too.Because I know your watching this wanting too eat it but you know when you go out to out and you order a hamburger,a hamburger is made out of beef and beef is cow and we hardly see cow we're hurting our animals so the next time you want a hamburger there won't be any more left because there all extinct.
Plastic in the past has been the main cause to why animals and fish in the oceans all around the world are dying and now sometime their all going to be extinct .We urgently need to save our planet before its too late .In 1975 you'd think that the worlds seas were not washed up and flooded with plastic but listen here because your wrong,the amount of global warming basically enlarged over the past few years meaning the amount of plastic approximately doubled the amount so we should definitely look after our one and only planet.
Transport is one of main reasons why our world is damaged and people wear gas masks to filter the air so when they breathe the air is clean air.It is important that we look after our earth because we don't have another one to go to if the main planet gets destroyed.If we don't stop this now than our world will be a big dump because of this, we don't normally notice but when we fill our cars up with diesel or petrol when we drive off we're basically throwing it in the air having a big impact on humans.
Our world is surrounded by many options including energy. like a word called chlorofluorocarbons. If you didn't know already but chlorofluorocarbons is a fluorinated gas not created in nature.Chlorofluorocarbons damages the protective ozone layer and are made part of our powerful greenhouses gases .


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