Angels D'Amour Boudoir Investment Guide

There is no greater power than that of the sun, the moon, and a woman who knows her worth.

-Nicole Lyons


Collections available at your Reveal and Ordering Appointment. We offer payment plans on all collections 3- 18 months!

Platinum Angel Collection - $4500 ($8200+ Value)

  • 12X12 Luxury Designer Album Boxed Set with Ice Diamond Cover- 60 images
  • 10 Image Folio Box
  • Full Digital Collection download
  • 3 Piece 16x24 Wall Art Collection
  • *8x10 Ice Block
  • *Mobile phone app in color or black and white

Golden Angel Collection - $3500 ($6100+ Value)

  • 10x10’’ Luxury Album with your choice of cover - 40 images
  • Full Digital File Collection via digital download
  • 16x24 Metal Wall art
  • *8x10 Metallic Image Ice Block
  • *Mobile phone app in color or black and white

Silver Angel Collection (Most Popular!) - $2500 (4100+ Value)

  • 8x8’’ Luxury Album with your choice of cover - 30 images
  • Full Digital File Collection Download
  • *5X7 Metal Desk Photo with stand
  • *Mobile phone app in color or black and white

Angel Collection - $1400 (Value $1500)

  • 5x5 Mini Album with 10 images
  • 5X7 Metal Desk Art

A La Carte


  • 5X5" (10 images) $1200
  • 8x8’’ (20 images): $1300
  • 10x10’’ (30 images): $1600
  • 12x12’’ (40 images): $2000
  • *additional images $100 each

Add Ons

(can only be purchased with a collection or an A La Carte Item)

Wall Art - Metal or Canvas

  • 8x12’’ 300
  • 16x24’’ 500
  • 20x30’’ 700
  • 24x36’’ 1000
  • 40x60’’ 1200


  • Full Image gallery (add on item ONLY) - $1500

Add ons continued

-Full image slideshow set to music $ 699

-10 image smart phone app $399 (add on for Angel Collection)

-Add Ice Diamond Cover Album Upgrade $199

Deck of Playing cards $250

Christmas Ornament $100

12 Month Calendar (not available with Angel Collection) $250

Crystal USB for Images - $50

Payment Options

Pre-Pay in full before your session

The best way to get your product is to pay in full. This option let’s you rest easy knowing your collection is already paid for and ready for you to enjoy! You will enjoy 5% off your collection if paid in full before your session! Payment must be made at least 7 days before your session. Product will arrive 3-6 weeks after your ordering appointment.

PayPal Financing (Most popular financing option)

PayPal offers a great way to finance your collection with no financing for the first 6-18 months. It is a line of credit applied for through PayPal and not through me. The credit will be used to pay for your collection and you'll get your products sooner! Product will arrive 3-6 weeks after payment is made.

Apply for PayPal Credit Here

Pay in full at Ordering Appointment

You have the option of paying for your collection in full the day of your reveal. You will receive your product 3-6 weeks after your reveal.

In-House Financing

We offer in-house financing up to 6-18 months (depending on the collection). 20% of your collection price is due as a down payment the day of your Ordering Appointment. The remaining balance will be billed to you monthly for your total between 3-18 months. Minimum monthly payment is $200. Payments made for in house financing cannot be refunded if your order is canceled. Product will arrive 3-6 weeks after final payment is made.

Other Details

The day you come in for your ordering appointment (approx 1-2 weeks after your session) you will make your purchasing decisions. We accept cash, card, and check.

Products are not ordered or delivered until final payment is made. No exceptions.

All sales are final due to the nature of digital products.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Sexy does not come from the shape of a body, but the fire in a soul.

-J. Iron Word

Ashley Reida - Lead Photographer -Newburgh, Indiana

Jade Gee - Lead Photographer- Shelbyville, Illinois