The Heartbeat, The Hammer a film by galen cassidy peria


No one has seen Lee in years. Then one snowy night just before Christmas he arrives at the doorstep of a friend. Next comes a visit to his parents. No one is quite sure where he has been and Lee seems to be unsure himself. As he traverses the country on a poetic and uncertain ritual-journey in pursuit of something lost, we follow him through the key places and among the important family and friends of his former life. “The Heartbeat, The Hammer” is the story of one man’s journey in search of not himself, but everything else.

The Project

Production Details

“The Heartbeat, The Hammer” is a small project by design, meant to allow for the kind of exploration and experimentation that characterizes independent-minded directors like Jarmusch, Altman, and Cassavetes. Production began in early 2018 and has continued intermittently throughout 2018 and 2019 with mini-units being shot in locations from rural New England to the California coast. Production is now estimated to be approximately 75% complete.

The bulk of the film is being captured with a small skeleton crew that has traveled the country and shot the majority of the scenes in the film with the protagonist and only a few other select characters. Additionally mini-units have featured a more conventional (but still modest) film production crew, necessary in order to capture keystone scenes that require additional lighting, set decoration, and actors.

Despite a minimal crew, some expenses are inevitable. Based on costs for travel, crew, props, locations, and equipment, our estimate for production is $40,000. The producers are currently seeking donors and investors to help bring the film to completion. A detailed breakdown of past and anticipated future expenses is available upon request.

The People

The People

Galen Cassidy Peria

Galen Cassidy Peria is a New Orleans, LA based song-finder, wordsmith, film buff, histrionic, and excitable drinker. As a member of Vermont Joy Parade he toured the United States and Europe extensively between 2008-2014, starring alongside his bandmates (and Jared Leto) in the Vivian Strosberg documentary, “The Clock Tick and The Heartbeat”.

In 2015 he helped found United Bakery Records and became one of their debut recording artists (in addition to “The Tumbling Wheels” and Shane Sayers) with his release of, “Duke Aeroplane & The Wrong Numbers: Higher Ground”. He has previously collaborated with Hugh Mackey as lead actor in Mackey’s 2010 feature film, “Ties“, and as actor and director with his own acclaimed short films, “Elephant Shoes” and “Corporate Piracy” (with Mackey as Director of Photography).

“The Heartbeat, The Hammer” is his first feature film and the beginning of what he and his partners hope will be a long line of United Bakery Records film productions.

Hugh Mackey

Hugh Mackey is a writer, director, and cinematographer. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he has over a decade’s worth of experience on countless short films, features, and web projects. His most recent projects include the shorts “Life Hacks w/ Carol Anne,” which aired on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim,” and the short film “When the Night Rolls In,” currently in post-production.

Liam Conway

Liam Conway lives and works in New Orleans, LA as a photographer as well as one of the co-founders / co-owners of United Bakery Records. In addition to being a featured visual artist, Liam is working on the film in numerous capacities, including as actor, location & set photographer, PA, and music supervisor.

Shane Sayers

Shane Sayers is a New Orleans based singer-songwriter (or, musical poet) as well as one of the co-founders / co-owners of United Bakery Records. Shane feels that music is medicine, and that it is a service, and that it is his job to participate with this magic. He will continue to be as open a vehicle as possible for such practices, as long as the fates may allow. Shane is working as a featured musician and actor in the film.

Ben Aleshire

Ben Aleshire is an artist based in New Orleans, LA. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Boston Review, Iowa Review, Barrow Street, and many others. He makes his living as a poet for hire in the French Quarter, writing poems for strangers on a manual typewriter. Ben also runs a small publishing cooperative called Honeybee Press, which uses letterpress printing, hand paper-making, and traditional bookbinding. He was awarded a Creation Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, as well as the Chighizola Poetry Prize from the University of New Orleans. Ben serves as assistant poetry editor for the Green Mountains Review. In 2016 he was a finalist for the Iowa Review Award in Poetry, and attended the Breadloaf Writers Conference on scholarship. Ben is an actor in the film.

Joanna Tomassoni

Joanna Tomassoni is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in New Orleans, LA, where she is member and manager of the Americana quintet The Tumbling Wheels, who are making their Jazz Fest debut in 2018. She also sings in the rock / doo wop band Tasche & the Psychedelic Roses, the early music vocal ensemble Krewe de Voix, and in the St. Patrick's Chamber Singers. Joanna is working as a featured musician and actress in the film.

Maggie Bell

Maggie Belle is a New Orleans, LA based chanteuse and leader of the much acclaimed Maggie Belle Band. "The Heartbeat, The Hammer" marks her acting debut.

Chad Crumm

Audio Engineer/Producer, Instrumentalist, Composer. Current and former clients include Old Crow Medicine Show, Leyla McCalla, Maggie Belle, Mary Lorsen, Jennie Stearns, The Lonesome Sisters, Thousands of One, Riley Leland, Zac Maras, The Common Railers, Hub Cap, The Settlers, Cosmo Alpern, Billy Eli, Greg Good, Jeremy James Meyer, Eric Aceto, Galen Cassidy Peria, Shane Sayers, Richie Stearns, Ben Usie, The Undertakers, Adrienne Edson, Joe Thrift, Gabe Tavares, Hee Haw Nightmare, The Moles, Plastic Nebraska, The Hix, Kevin Kinsella, Michael Hanson, Not From Wisconsin, The Chicken Chokers, and many more. Chad's studio— NOLA Recording—is in the Marigny section of New Orleans where he continues to work. Besides tracking, mixing and mastering, Chad also composes film music and has written dozens of songs and instrumental concert works for orchestra, chamber ensemble and soloists. For information regarding recording fees and scheduling, Chad can be reached at crumm123@gmail.com.

The Music

United Bakery Records

No spiritual journey across America is complete without appropriate musical accompaniment, and we are thankful to have the support and contributions of United Bakery Records in a vital part of this endeavor.

United Bakery Records is a New Orleans based record label which was founded in 2015. The company grew out of United Bakery Gallery, an art gallery, performance venue, and hotbed of the New Orleans' creative community located on Saint Bernard Avenue and opened the previous year. In 2016 the label brought out it’s debut albums, in vinyl and digital formats: “The Tumbling Wheels Play the No Counts” and “Duke Aeroplane & The Wrong Numbers: Higher Ground”. In the spring of 2017 the label launched it’s first annual United Bakery Records Revue, a 12 band recording and performance event, hosted live in the Marigny Recording Studio with engineer Rick G. Nelson. In three short seasons they have hosted and recorded 36 diverse and rapidly rising New Orleans bands.

United Bakery Records is owned and operated by Liam Conway, Daniel Grey, Lauren Miller, Galen Cassidy Peria, and Shane Sayers.

For more information visit unitedbakeryrecords.com

Contact information

Contact info

We thank you for your interest and support. For more details about the production, and how you can help, contact Galen Peria at galencassidyperia@gmail.com, or 518-572-2659.

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