How does rain turn into snow? by jada fejer

The first thing in the water cycle is a cloud. Clouds are water vapor. Water vapor turns into snow or rain and water vapor helps clouds create rain or snow. The water cycle is a very important thing in life. And it is super important to clouds because the clouds are always first in the water cycle. Clouds are made of Gas you may know also Clouds are also just Gas that rises into the air. Clouds are important because they give us water and, other things to help us live. That is clouds.

The second thing in the water cycle is rain. Rain forms from cloud condensation. Cloud condensation is steam or vapor. Rain is precipitation that falls to the service of the earth. Rain on earth is water droplets. Scientist came up with it because they are water and are small. Some rain freezes before touching the ground and that is how snowflakes are made. That is called sleet or ice pellets. That is rain!!!

The last stage is snow of course. Snow falls in the form of ice. And when snow falls ice crystals fall to stick together. And you may be wondering how crystals are different well snowflakes develop different depending on the humidity air. To make snowflakes you have to have humidity air or cold air. Snow falls mostly in the cold weather because rain freezes rain more often. Snow is very fun to play in but is complicated to make. Snow is also made from water vapor not just rain. That is the water cycle!!! Also how snow is made from water to snow!!~


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