Harn Museum By: Kylee WIemer

Techniques of the Artist

The technique of this artist was very intricate. Seeing this in person, I could really capture the color blending and strokes of the brushes used to help represent the busy and crazy city. The artwork made me feel relaxed because it reminded me of when I went to NYC, another city, and the wonderful time I had there.

Design of the Museum

The design of the Harn Museum was very well set up. It was divided into different sections based off of what series of art were placed together. Also, as seen in the background of the second photo, the lighting was very calming along with the relaxing garden behind. This wind particularly appealed to me because of the outdoor and open feeling it had to it. In addition, this wing of the museum all had the same themes, making me feel more connected to the Indian culture they portrayed.

Art and Core Values

One of my core values in life is achievement and academics. I am very goal oriented and focused on getting a great education and learning. I felt as though the Linefold Table Lamp was a perfect picture to represent my core value. It is not only a representation of the fact of being focused and hard working, but also shines a light on the future. I see the light from the lamp as a symbol of how if I keep working towards more goals and striving to success I will have a "bright" future ahead of me.

Art and the Good Life

This picture is a great representation of the good life theme. It shows people of their culture having a fun time together and expressing their way of life. It also represents the idea that the journey of the good life can not be achieved alone. Others are needed along the way to help attain the good life. This picture is of an initiation ceremony showing what brings a group together and how they work to become one group that can reach their goals together.

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