Final Reflection John Krall

Habits of Mind

Using Habits of Mind this semester when talking about class time lessons and discussions this year was very beneficial to me. The four that stuck out to me to be the most useful where curiosity, persistence, responsibility, and openness.

Curiosity is extremely important in any class as the desire to know more about the world is one of the first things you need before you can actually learn. If you don't really desire to learn, then it is going to be hard for someone to learn in the first place. In this way, curiosity helped me engage more with the class this year because I was curious about this class from the very beginning. I have always loved to write and read about literature, and coming into this class that is exactly how I felt. As the year progressed I kept this sense of curiosity with me especially because this has not been like any other literature class that I've taken. Curiosity will help in all aspects of my life as I move forward. It is the basis for finding new things and I hope it is something that I can continue to use.

All of these habits of mind build on each other and persistence is no different. It is important because often times things that you want or interested in, may start to go away over time. Persistence is important to be able to stick with something and get all that you can out of it. This is one of the habits of mind I used most this semester as some of the things we did where not the most interesting to me. For instance Minecraft has never been very exciting to me as building with blocks to me is boring. However using persistence helped me to realize that even in a game I wouldn't play in my free time, I could build some things that I thought where really cool. Persistence will be a habit of mind extremely necessary I use in the future as most things in life don't come very easy. This habit of mind helps accomplish goals through hard work and is something that will be very valuable to me.

Responsibility is a habit of mind that is one of the most important to me. That is because with a sense of responsibility, most things that you do will end up being a decision that you are happy with. If you understand what your decisions may do, it is easier to make a decision that will be informed and this is very important especially in uphold my own personal integrity. Responsibility helped the whole semester by making sure I turned in my work and took accountability for the things I did wrong and right. Responsibility in this class was important because just like in every class, it helped me make decisions about what I needed to do to succeed. This habit of mind will continue to help me in the same way. It will help me make conscious decisions on what the best thing to do is and help to make sure that I take ownership of my actions.

Lastly, openness was one of the habits of mind I used frequently throughout this semester in class. This literature class wasn't taught in the most conventional ways that I am used to and it required a sense of openness to get everything I could out of the class. There were a lot more games playing in this course then other courses and using openness really helped me understand the ability of learning not through conventional textbook style methods. Openness is something that will also help in the future for me as the world is ever changing. It will also help me to learn new things about stuff I may never have thought about wanting to know. Being open will help make me more knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and will be very beneficial throughout my life in adapting to different situations.

Journey Log Trends

Throughout the year of writing journey logs, I tended to focus more on readings that we had for the first couple weeks, and then started talking mainly about classroom discussions and homework the last couple weeks. The attitude most of my logs read in was a serious or determined one. Usually I would be trying to find information that related to the subject, while still being interesting. One other thing I noticed was also my lack of creativity when the journey logs first started. When I first started them I wouldn't put any pictures or make it look visually appealing at all. However as the class progressed I was able to get better at trying to make my journey logs look better and go with the overall theme of what I was talking about.


My feelings on Minecraft didn't change much of this course. I came into the course knowing only a little bit about Minecraft as I had played it with my friends before on playstation but never really built anything on it. It had never really been a game that had interested me, as I find building with blocks a little repetitive. However as I stared to build things for this course I did find out that I really enjoy the finished product. While I don't love the process of building something in Minecraft, I did really like what came out of it. That is one way in which I guess my feelings toward Minecraft have changed. I do also have an appreciation for people who are really good at Minecraft after playing it for the past couple months as I am still quite slow and new the game.

Self Reflection

Over the course of this class, I think I have definitely improved in some ways of writing, thinking, and creativity. My writing I think has slightly improved in the way of being able to better reflect on what happened from week to week. This also effected my thinking because I have never before had to recap my week and talk about the ways in which that week affected me. I though this was one way in which my thinking has improved because it was very helpful to rethink about thoughts I had in class and then explore them. That was one way in which I was happy about being a ranger. It forced me to research things in class that I wanted to know more about and helped me think about things from different point of view. This class in general also helped me think about things more openly and creatively because it was not taught for the most part in a way that I have learned before. Creativity with the journey logs and during the different games we played definitely helped me to improve that aspect in me overall.


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