Surviving Trench Warfare during WWI Madison Kipp

Pocket Surgical Kit

(Pocket Surgical Kit)

It took a long time to get soldiers to a hospital for care. Techniques were learned due to the wounds caused by modern weapons. The Pocket Surgical help you to preform surgery closer to the battlefield.

Steel Helmet


With the coming and improvement of their weapons new protective gear was required. In a trench your head is more in danger. Soon the steel helmet was created to protect the soldiers heads.

Gas Helmet

(Gas Helmet)

Chemical weapons were used during WWI by Germans trying to break the Western Front. Earlier gas masks were a piece of cloth covered in chemicals they did not really help protect you. This new mask had chemicals to protect you from harmful gas the most harmful gas is poison gas.



There was many medical discoveries. They were used many times. This decreased the many deaths.

Chain of Medical Services

(Chain of Medical Services)

Soldiers go through many stations of the medical field. Provided docters and nurses of different levels in medical care. Before sent to the dressing a medical officer would give initial care.

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