Arctic fox by:cayden

My animal is an Arctic fox. An Arctic fox is a mammal. The color of an Arctic fox can be white, gray, or brown. An Arctic foxes height is 9.8-12 in. Male Arctic foxes weight is about 7.1-21 lbs. and a female’s weight is 3.1-7.1 lbs. An Arctic fox has 4 legs, 1 head, 1 body, and 1 tail. Some family members of an Arctic Fox are the Fennec fox, Red fox, and Arctic fox Culpeo.

An Arctic fox is an omnivore. They eat plants, animals, and also humans to survive which means they are omnivores. An Arctic Fox has an unusual eating habit. They eat almost anything necessary to survive. An Arctic fox eats lemmings, hares, birds and their eggs, and fish.

Arctic foxes live in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia, and even in Iceland, where only native land mammals are. When the snow is white, gray, or brown, their blubber changes so they can blend in with surroundings. An Arctic fox lives in a den. They can make warm homes in icey snow blankets. Did you know that an Arctic fox lives with a pack? They live in a pack because they don’t want to live on their own.

Arctic foxes need certain things in order to survive like the need to live in the cold. They don’t have thin pieces of fur, they have thick pieces of fur that helps them stay warm.

Arctic foxes enemies are polar bears. Wolfs pack and also humans are only real predators of the adult Arctic fox, along with large birds of prey such as snowy owls, that primarily prey on the smaller and more vulnerable Arctic fox cubs. How does an Arctic fox protect itself? An Arctic fox can blend in with the snow. The fur can turn white, gray, and brown to camouflage itself from their enemies.

The Arctic fox is the only land mammal native to Iceland. They are part of the canid family like wolves, other species of fox and dogs. Their lifespan in the wild is 3-6 years. They are usually 18-26 inches long with a 13 inch sometimes called a “brush”. A female Arctic fox usually gives birth to 6-8 babb Arctic fox. I researched some of these facts in kids play and create (website) and on the website San Diego Zoo Kids.


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