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Birth, Death and Natural Increase

Canada's current population

Canada's current population is currently very old. It is predicted that, unsurprisingly, many of them will die in 2050. As such, natural increase will be a very small part of population increase in 2050, as not enough people are being born at the rate of which people are dying.

Prediction for 2050

I predict that in 2050, there will be no natural increase, death rate will be unusually high and birth rate will stay normal. The reason for this is because of the statement above. Most of Canada's population is pretty old, so most of them will be dead by 2050. Because of this, the current birthrate and death rate will be almost equal to each other. Since there is no direct reason for birth rate to increase either, natural increase will become obsolete. Which leads me to my next segment:


Immigration/Push and Pull Factors in Canada

Canada is currently one of the biggest places for immigration. Many people flock to and from here, from many different countries. The main reason for these immigrants moving into Canada is because we are a country which offers lots of opportunities that other countries cant. This place is also a very free and a safe place, among other things. Currently, Canada has a very steady flow of immigrants, coming mostly from the east. If a war was to happen there, this flow would definitely increase.

Predictions for 2050

By 2050, it is said that the only natural increase of population will be immigrants. The reason for this is because of the abnormally large amount of old people in the Canadian population that will most likely be dead by the year 2050. Because of the amount of people dying and since the birth rate has no real reason to increase, I think that the only source of population growth will be immigrants by the years 2050. If some sort of war or other disaster was to occur in another country, we could also see more potential immigrants showing up.

First Nations Peoples

Where are First Nations currently?

The First Nations people of Canada are currently over 1,836,035 strong in population. That's only 0.5% of Canada's population, but it's still quite a bit of people, compared to how many there were around the 1800's. Almost all of the aboriginal population, however, lives in Ontario, and that number is steadily rising. More and more of the First Nations people are moving from Native reservations to cities like Ontario, looking for either better education or jobs, as well as better living conditions. Another thing is the birth rate of Aboriginal peoples is unusually high. The reason I think this is is because of the fact that there was recently a almost mass-extinction event in the Americas during the 1800's, and the Aboriginal population is repairing itself sub-consciously because of it.

Predictions for 2050

I predict that in 2050 over 80% or 90% of the total First Nations people will be living in cities like Ontario, seeking better jobs or education, as well as living conditions. Another prediction I have is that the Aboriginal population will double itself by the years 2050. The reason I think this is because of what I have said in the last segment: the Aboriginal birth rate is rather high.

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In conclusion, Canada will be very different compared to what it is today, for all of us. Cultural diversity, space and all other manners of things will become much more of a part of our lives then they are now. Not only that, but all of the people in our class will be 60 years of age by then! I hope you enjoyed my presentation, and thank you for viewing it! Peace!



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