I used the quick selection tool and colored in my teeth to make them white, I used the blur tool to help my face, and lastly I used a green color for my eyes.
What I used to complete my post card was I got a picture of myself and I added a new layer to the background layer and I used the magic wand tool to copy myself into the picture I added a Canada postage stamp to the picture to complete it.
For the two animals I used the head of a wolf and the body of a cat I used the quick selection tool to copy the wolf's head and I proportioned it to the cat's body then I used the eraser tool for any excess head.


The way i fixed the teeth i selected the teeth and went to adjustments and used the brightness and contrast tools and adjusted the color with this.

wrinkle FREE

The way I took Hillary Clinton's face wrinkles away is with the clone tool i got a piece or a sample of her skin and i used it to cover the wrinkles after this I Blended her wrinkles so it would look like her real face.


I used the paintbrush tool to color the eyes and the eraser tool to clean up the excess blue color.
This is my movie poster and my movie logo for the movie my movie is a thriller about two detectives who need to get along to work on a big mission they have to do.


These are good designs and bad designs because on one of the posters it is easy to read and the other is all scattered and you don't even know where to start with it to know what is going on.


For my PC Graphics poster i used the gradient tool to add the lasers of rainbow and I played around with the text and added different colors and for the straight lines i used the paintbrush and held the shift key down.

recipe for succESS

For the recipe for success I got a black chalkboard background and tried out some of the writings to get one similar to the example one. For the measuring cup I used the cloning tool on a measuring cup i got from google and I went to free transform and resized the clip while resizing it I held the shift button.

halloween backGROUND

For my Halloween background i got a spooky background of a person walking in a Forrest in the mist, I added a text of Halloween dripping down and a witch in the middle using the magic wand tool, for the pumpkins I used the cloning tool and added a lot of pumpkins.


I used the clone stamp tool and removed the birds then I used the healing tool brush and removed the far left bird and it's shadow


I Clicked edit on the menu bar clicked copy then closed it. I pressed the alt and clipped the Charlie layer and billboard layer together and then distorted it and created this.


I opened the foreground color button and verified that the hue options button is activated and played around with it and I got the color to look bright yellow


I used the gradient tool and clicked the foreground to background gradient swatch I verified that the layer mask is targeted on the fade out layer.


I created a layers adjustment and moved it around then i created a color balance adjustment layer and dragged the colors around until i got it how it was perfect.


For this picture I used many layers to create this picture first i added some on top of others to make them be on top, then I added an outer glow layer to the dolphin and I flipped the Little girl around


I used the quick selection tool, refined the Edge and filled the background with a white background


For the bookmark eagle I Cropped the eagle and made sure the ratio setting on the options bar was set to unconstrained.
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