Australia the perfect place to travel to


this is the wave rock its been here for more than 2,700 years
this is the great barrier reef
This a Uluru rock or also known as plateaus


Koalas are found in the outback or the JUngle
this is a gray kangaroo They only live in Tasmania
This is A platypus

These are some of the popular plants in Australia.

The golden wattle

Tectonic Plate In Australia

Australia does not sit on a tectonic plate but the Indo-Australian plate surrounds Australia and is being pushed to the Northeast at about 7 centimeters per year.

The name Australia comes from Latin Australis. It means “southern”. The current name was made up by Matthew Flinders in 1814.

Australia's Form

Australia's form is mostly due to the tectonic plates. It took the form that it is today 1800 years ago.

Thanks for listening to out presentation about Australia. Hopefully you notice that it is the perfect place to travel.


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