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The most attractive state in the United States is on top of Mexico but under Canada, which gives you a hint for perfect weather. This is the state where dreams come true and has a park of the happiest place on earth. Unlike other states, California is a very diverse state that lets you experience all four seasons, different sceneries, and many cultures. California’s weather lets you feel the four seasons that offers many activities within the state. California has many tourist attractions all year round, up north and down south. California also offers diverse people that lets you experience many different cultures.

The four seasons that you experience in California calls for a perfect weather. Spring season has festivals and fairs, since California has a large population that provides more extravagant events. This calls for more rides, better prizes and popular singers and artist. Southern California, L.A and San Diego, etc.; are known for lots of celebrity residents and number 1 for the hottest concerts all around the world. California has many beaches you can go swimming in or attend beach parties for the hot summer months up north or down south. While in the fall time you can go hiking from the wide variety of mountains in the Sierra Nevada or camping in multiple National Parks of California. Astonishingly, people don’t know, California has a good deal of mountains where you can ski on because it actually does snow in California, just the Northern side of course. For example, the mountains of Lake Tahoe, has multiple ski resorts that will let you experience slipping and sliding in the cold snowy weather.

People from all over the country and around the world comes to California for the many tourist attractions the state has. Southside California has the beautiful beaches with the palm trees right next to the shopping malls right on the beach front. Also, they have Disneyland, universal studios and other theme parks for family and friends to enjoy. Northern California attracts many tourists to the San Francisco Bay. Many tourist visits the Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge which is not gold and actually red. Also, many visit the fascinating mysterious Alcatraz prison facility that sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the heart of San Francisco. If you just want to relax and enjoy a nice drink, you can also visit the many outstanding vineyards of California. The vineyards offer hotels, wine tasting, and the tour of the place and the demonstration of how wine is made. These vineyards are well known for fancy dinner dates or a nice relaxing getaway weekends for couples.

Golden Gate Bridge

California is full of people from all around the world such as Asia, Mexico, Europe and so on. There is about 37 million people total in California, with a mixture of races. There are about 4 million Asians in California and 14 million of Latino’s and Latina’s and 141 thousand who are two or more races. Unlike other states California you are exposed to many cultures which lets you learn more about different cultures. You see many different race of couples in love, dating, or already, married with mixed children. There are also many different restaurants, stores, and business that are influenced by these diverse cultures. If you weren’t born in the states, I guarantee that you won’t feel homesick because of the diversity in California, most likely you will find a friend with the same race as you are. This helps the community know more about each other and learn from each other. If you’re looking for a place to fit in, California would be the place to go, because this is a state that lets you express who you are.


Based on my essay you might be rethinking about relocating to California, right? Northern or Southern part of California you will never be bored. From festivals to camping or relaxing on the beach, California has it all. If you are a lonely person who wants to make new friends, this is the perfect place for you because of the wide diversity of people and large amount of population. Every day you can experience a new scene, from the hot weather of Southern California to amusement parks, beaches during the summer and spring or the chilly weather up in Northern California; such as San Francisco bay and Sierra Nevada in the Winter or Fall. You can do so much activities with your friends, family or loved ones. You can also meet people of the same culture or different cultures from your own. You can learn so much from other cultures by their way of life, food and style because California offers diverse stores, restaurants, and businesses. Moving to a new state or city is always very difficult. Adjusting to the new environment and making new friends, but with so much activities and events, millions of different cultured people and countless places to explore, getting lost in California just leads you to an adventure of fun wherever you end up. Do you really want to stay stuck in your boring old city?

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