Invention Report - Made Music By: Michaela Ryan

My invention is a 3D ukulele/mini guitar named guitarl. It can make music when you pluck the strings. I choose it because I was thinking of using rubber bands as guitar string, then i thought of making a guitar. My partner also thought of doing that.

First Sketch

My first idea was to make a 3D instrument made out of wood. So I used adobe illustrator and the laser cuter to make a design. I also wanted to make a handle and tie 3 strings onto it.

First Design

The first time I cut the wood the pieces didn't come out exactly the right size. So I ended up using popsicle sticks to fix it, but I didn't really like to way it looked, and it was also hard to tie/glue on the strings.

Second Design

Then I recut the wood so that there weren't any sides to it. It was just a flat piece of wood. The problem with this design, is that i could tie of the strings, I also couldn't glue them on. So I tried making a hook for the string to go around, but it didn't really work.

Final Design

For the final design I just used the top and bottom pieces, and the side pieces that fit. I had to laser cut 2 other pieces because the original ones didn't fit. I ended up using hot glue to glue everything together, and i figured out a good way for the string to be tied around the ukulele.

My favorite part of the invention is the design of the ukulele. We used the laser cutter to cut the wood and we made the model 3D.


The main feature of the ukulele is that fact that it can make music. We tied some strings on tighter to the ukulele so that it can make different sounds.

Wood pieces of the model

Instead of using cardboard for model we used wood, this made the ukulele much sturdier. We also used fishing line instead of string, this made the sound a lot louder. My partner and I also found that it was easier to use hot glue when you glue the edges together.

Final Deign

The final design was a little different from the first sketch. The final design didn't have a handle. Also, instead of 3 strings we did 4 strings.

I learned that I should completely plan out the whole design, including measurements and the material to use. I need to practice on getting the prototype of the model done first. Instead of making a lot of changes on the final design.

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