Political Party At the white house

Election Day Theme

Event hosted by the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

The Guests

The Seating

Main Course: Turkey served with red wine.

Since eating an eagle would be unpatriotic.

Democratic and Republican party cookies served for dessert

Given out after voting
Created By
Danny Magana


Created with images by hzv_westfalen_de - "usa flag american flag" • manhhai - "Jackie Kennedy in co-ordinating piece" • TradingCardsNPS - "President Lyndon B. Johnson" • History In An Hour - "Richard Nixon" • Children's Bureau Centennial - "nlc08067 Carter Color CR" • ouyangcxtx - "Ronald_Reagan-Department-of-Defense. Department-of-the-Navy. Naval-Photographic-Center" • Unsplash - "usa flags stars and stripes"

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