the World of Video Games Let's explore the history, ratings, and categories!

Have you ever wondered how video games work, about the history of the different game consoles or even the different categories of games? If you answered yes to any of those questions, read on! My project will answer all those questions and more. I chose this topic because I love playing video games, just like all of you!

A lot of people love to play video games, but do you know how they work? Video games are made up of a system of complex codes, like a special computer. These codes are then read and displayed by a computer or a video game system on a screen. A programmer or coder is the person responsible for creating and writing the codes, however they are limited in what they are allowed to include based on the power of the console being used. Even though there are many different consoles out there, the all work the same way. For example, a Xbox One and a PlayStation operate the same way, even though they look different.

Ralph Baer (also know as “The Father of Video Games”) invented the first ever gaming console back in 1967, 50 years ago! It didn’t have a cool name though, back then it was just called the Brown Box. It wasn’t fancy and didn’t play the types of video games we have today. There were only six games for the console: ping-pong, tennis, handball, volleyball, chase games and a light-gun game. It also didn’t make any noise. The second gaming console was also invented by Ralph Baer in 1972. That gaming console was called the Odyssey. Just like the Brown Box, there weren’t many games to play on the Odyssey. The next console, called the Atari, would be made 3 years later.


Everyone loved these games, now there have been over 70 different gaming consoles made to from 1967 to 2017.

These days, kids have a lot of different games they can play. Did you know that there are different categories, skill level and ratings for games? Some games fall within these categories:

* Classic shooter

* Survival

* Adventure

* Role playing

* Sports

* Strategy

There is also a rating system used for all the games, that way you know if it is age appropriate. Here are abbreviations for this system:

*EC=Early Childhood


*ET 10= Everyone 10 years or older


*M= Mature, Everyone 17 years or older

There are also 3 different skill levels to choose from:

*Beginner (easy)

*Intermediate (somewhat hard)

*Expert (hard)

I hope you have learned something new about game systems that you didn't know before, I know I did. I enjoy playing video games with my friends. I think I want to create video games when I grow up, it seems like a cool job to have.

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Stephen Castagliuolo


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