Magnesium By: RObby RInaldi

Group: 2 Period: 3 Atomic Mass: 24 Atomic Number: 12

Physical And Chemical Properties

Physical: Shiny, silver/gray colored, malleable, ductile, large density and is strong.

Chemical: The surface of magnesium has a very light coat of oxide, which helps protect the certain metal from the air and atmosphere.

Location On The Table

Magnesium's location on it's table says that it is a very reactive metal (only has 2 valence electrons), and is located in Group 2 because of this. Magnesium is in Period 3, so it will have 3 electron rings surrounding the nucleus. Because it is in Group 2, Magnesium identifies as a metal, and therefore will be ductile, strong, malleable, and can also be a good conductor. Also, it's shiny.

Chemical Formula

Chemical Formula for Magnesium Oxide: Mg(OH)2

The Slogan

"Magnesium is strong, dense and light, but it can't compete with Oxygen's might!"


Created with images by James St. John - "Cherry blossom stones (pinite) in hornfels (mid-Cretaceous, 98 Ma; Mikata, Honshu Island, southern Japan)"

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