Go Kart Challenge Nasir Williams

Our problem is that we have to make a go kart that is powered by one drill. It also have to have a brake and a stearing system. We also have to drive it through 3 courses. We are provided with 1 sheet of plywood, a drill, miscellaneous hardware and wood glue. We also have a budget of 25 dollars so we can buy extra materials to help us build our go-kart.

Goal Statements

Goal 2/1: Our goal is to come up with an accurate plan for our design. We’ve looked at the videos of the carts that people used and have been successful with and we want to duplicate that in a way but also make it in our own way so that we can be successful. This class we need to make detailed sketches and come up with a drawing of our prototype or at least what we want it to look like.

Goal:2/3 Our goal for today is to conduct more research on how to create the go kart. The things we want to research today is how to put brakes on the go kart. We also want to create a rough and detailed sketch of of ideas that we thought of.

Goal 2/7 Our goal is to finish working on our detailed sketch also start working on our onshape part of the project the parts we want to get done today is the base of the go kart. We will need measurements to do that. We also want to finish the research portion of our project.

Goal 2/17 Our goal is to finish our final sketches for the go kart. We have the length part of the dimensions all we need to do now is to make the height and width of the dimensions. Once we get done drawing the dimensions we will get miss hate to check our work to see if we can start the onshape part of the project.

Goal 2/22 our goal is to start and finish the onshape portion of the project. We want to finish our individual parts and the parts that will be put together to make the whole go cart. We also want our sketches both detailed and rough to be checked off so that we can start the onshape parts.

Goal 2/24 The goal for our group today is to finish our sketches so that they can get checked off for accuracy and also turn in our onshape documents.

Goal Statement 2/28: Our goal for today is to finish our detailed sketches so that they will have all of the proper dimensions and measurements for all of the sides. We also need to turn in our individual onshape files to schoology and update our adobe spark page so that it is up to the proper page.

Goal Statement 3/2: Our goal for our group today is to create our materials list so that we have an idea of what things we need to have to be able to create the go kart. Complete our peer evaluations on each group member and start and finish the rest of the onshape designs.


We had an idea of using handlebars on the side that control each side of the go-kart.
We picked this because it had a similar backing system that we were going to use for our go-kart.
We picked this picture because we was going to do something like it. Instead of using string we was going to use bungee cords.
We had an idea of using a bicycle gear and chain to use as a mechanism make the go-kart movable.
To hold down the drill in place we were going to use zip ties like in the picture and place it near the wheel to move the go-kart.


This is a rough draft of one of the design we agreed on.
This is a detailed sketch of our design that we all agreed on.
This is the base and the mortise that are cut out on the base.
This is the base for our go-kart.


I couldn't put the pictures on here

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