Kenya Travel 2018 Pastors Bill & Elaine Kiefer

We wanted to let you know our schedule for Kenya/Uganda this year. It is going to be busy, so we really need your prayers. Of course, if you follow my wife Elaine Kiefer on Facebook, you will receive updates with pictures and commentary. -Pastor Bill Kiefer


Leave for Airport on August 8 (We will leave our car with Brother and Sister Estep in Maryland, and they will take us to the Philadelphia airport.) Arrive in Nairobi on Thursday, August 9 at 9:30. Drive to Limuru (our base in David’s home) where we will arrive around midnight. (Not much rest until ministry starts!)

Leave for trip to Western Kenya on August 10. Rest in Kisumu on the 10th. Go to Malaba on the 11th and begin ministry in churches around Bungoma with Pastor Celestine on the 12th.

August 13 - 19: Leadership and Ministry Seminars in Tororo, Uganda (4 sessions each day for 4 days). Saturday: possibly marriage, possibly open. Sunday Morning: churches.

August 19 - 22: To be determined. August 23-26: Malaba, Kenya - Annual Joint Ministers’ Conference. Sunday 27th : Churches

We had wonderful meetings in the Bungoma on Sunday Morning. My Wife, Brother David Cerar and I all went to different churches. There were reports of good things in every meeting.

We then went to Tororo, Uganda for a week hosted by Pastor Joram. Again the reports were that people were strengthened, the Pastors and leaders were encouraged. It is always a blessing to know that people are going back to their ministries better than they came to us. We continue to get good reports on the flash drives containing the recordings of the meetings as well as many other materials. In Uganda they have been distributed to many pastors, leaders and even the staff of bible schools. I believe this was a "God" idea that is producing much fruit. Thanks to all who gave to buy them.

The same was True in Malabe where were spent a week with Pastor Pius Idewa and his family. Some of you will remember him from his visit with us during our conference. We were surprised to find that they had a new 1 month old baby girl to add to the 4 children they already had. Grace is beautiful. As her American grandparents, we couldn't be more pleased.

As always the meetings with Pius and Maranatha Malaba were great. This is the yearly conference for the 15 churches under Pastor Pius. Once again we were able to send ministers back to their fields of endeavor stronger than when they came. On Sunday Morning, representatives from almost all 15 churches were there. The new building was full with around 500 people. At the end many came forward to be filled with the Holy Spirit. God is so faithful.

August 28 - September 2: Ministers’ seminar in Mumias (This is a new place and a new door with a group of pastors and ministers from this area who work together.)

This was our first year in the city of Mumias. We were hosted by the Pastor's fellowship of the city. The meetings were not as well attended as we might have liked, but those that came really seemed to be blessed. They did not really know us and had no idea what we would bring to them. After the meetings we had a "debriefing" and the whole group was unanimous that they wanted us to come back and assured us they would do more to promote the meetings.

Pray for this city. It is the cite of a huge sugar mill that has been closed down. They need and inflow of cash or a buyer. This plant is the financial lifeblood of Mumias. Many people are out of work because of the difficulties. Incidentally, the guest house on the grounds of the plant is where we stayed. It was very nice and we hope it will be available next year.


September 4 – 9 : Seminars in Kericho, Kenya (This will be our third year there. We need to see some improvement in attendance if we are going to continue there. Pray we have wisdom. Those who come are good people, but the hotel is expensive so it becomes one of our most expensive meetings.) Sunday the 9th: Various churches.

Right now we are in Kericho. I said in the original update that we needed to see more from this place and I think we have. It is another regional meeting for Maranatha Ministries in Kenya. The attendance this year has been much better and more important, the enthusiasm and gratitude for our ministry has been great. We are excited about what the Lord is doing.

Another note; we continue to teach on marriage in all these locations and the people have testified of the positive impact we have had on their lives. It is no easy thing to deal with such a cultural topic but the Lord has helped us. Continue to pray as the church here has asked that we expand the topic to the whole family. This is something a little different for Elaine and me, but I am sure the Lord will meet us.

This is always a tiring part of the trip. There is little time off and a great deal of work. We will head back to Davids house in Limuru on Monday, but the beat goes on as we start there on Wednesday.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support!

September 10: Travel to Limuru (our base in David Cerar’s home)

We finally got to Limuru. We usually spend a few days at home before we start the trip, but due to our delay in Paris, we never got here until September 10. It's good to stay in one place for a while! We just finished our conference in Word of Faith Limuru. This one was attended more by people in the church, but there were some visiting pastors as well. God met us and I believe people were blessed.

Pray that we will finish strong. Everyone is doing fine but it has been busy. After a full slate of churches this Sunday we start again in the town of Ruiru on Wednesday. The schedule is about the same with seminar meetings Wednesday through Friday and probably a marriage teaching on Saturday. That is yet to be confirmed. Sunday we will visit churches in that area.

This is a little different because we drive the 45 minutes each way. Keep us in prayer. Two more conferences to go!

September 11: Rest, laundry, groceries, etc.

September 12 – 14: Preach in Harvest Fields Bible School Chapel at 8:00 AM, Seminars at Word of Faith in Limuru in the morning and afternoon. (This is David’s home church.)

September 15: Leadership Seminar in Nairobi.

September 16: Church in various locations around the Limuru/Nairobi area.

September 17 - 18: Rest

September 19 - 23: Seminar in Ruiru, Kenya

September 24 – 29: To be determined

September 30: Various churches


October 1 - 3: To be determined

October 4 - 7: Seminar in Karanjee, Limuru with Pastor Peter Kebo

Sunday, October 7: Various churches and leadership seminar in the afternoon

October 8 - 9: Rest, packing, preparation for travel

October 10: Leave for home (We will arrive in Greene on the 11th or 12th, depending on fatigue as we will be staying with the Esteps.)

We are finally finished with our Kenya trip for 2018. It has been a great success to me. We ministered in 5 pastor's leaders and ministers seminars. Each was 3 to 4 days. We did 4 marriage seminars. We preached in 17 churches on Sunday mornings. Here is a small sample of the comments we received.

I have been inspired. I feel if possible we should have such (meetings) three times a year because they will bring true revival.

I am blessed and uplifted.

Thanks to God for the seminar. The teachings were timely. The church needs to experience the real move of God. My assignment is to be here doing what God has given to me.

Wonderful and inspiring. (I) learned a lot.

There were many more most from Pastors of churches. We are blessed and honored that so many would receive us. The most frequent suggestion was: MORE SEMINARS. Praise God.

Thanks to all who prayed and supported us in this effort. Next up is Colombia!

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