Sophomore Year Madeline carrillo


I gladly volunteered at the Murdock fall festival during the weekend. There were a lot of volunteers involved in running the games, painting faces, and other needed help. For instance I helped with a game that gave the kids an opportunity to win lollipops every turn they got. I equally enjoyed the food there like caramel apples and snow cones. In addition I volunteered my help to school clean ups in green club. When ever the opportunity came I often volunteered to keep our school clean and recycle the waste found. I also found myself enjoying the Thanksgiving block party. At the event I saw some familiar friends from middle school volunteering to help. At the event we passed out food and restocked the carts if the food was going low in addition to meeting new people from other schools and from the church.


I am associated with business club being an official/ one of many leaders. As an official I contribute ideas to the club to improved funds so students get the chance to go o field trips and learn more about their club. A highlight of business club is that they take students to an event called Financial park, where kids can experience a real life stimulation in having to support a family, pay rent, an obtaining a job.

I enjoy being involved in green club because many ideas are made up to be as green as possible yet enjoyable. An aspect that intrigues me are the participants recycling plastic bags to make sleeping bags for the homeless. We also grow plants such as corn, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber,etc. We also attend beach clean ups and do school clean ups. Ideas are widely welcomed to make sure their students have are active in being green in the same time as having fun.

While attending a meeting in all the students are very willing in helping in what ever they can. This is one of the clubs that are enriched with eager kids to help out the needy. The students are separated into groups each having a specific job to do. One group researches charities to donate money to which impresses me. I find the club very resourceful with a devoted host (teacher) that negotiates with local business like Saritas Mexican food, a very reliable source raising funds.


If I had to choose a major I'd be interested in biochemistry. Why I would choose biochemistry is because I'm curious in how things react to each other. Biochemistry is the science of chemical and physicochemical process that occur in living organisms. In having this major it opens up a wide variety of interesting jobs. In addition it seems like a very reliable subject to interview jobs in.


I would like to be a biochemical engineer when I'm older because I would help out society. With my career I would like to make "super humans" or everyday product that work instant. When I do simulate these formulas I would sell it to the military and make profit out it, advance human technologies,and have humans evolve early. While with everyday productions I would also be selling these items that actually work. Also become a popular business woman in my products.In addition if an apocalypse comes I can easily use my knowledge in biochemistry to survive and become an important aspect to the group like Daryl Dixon.

Top 5 highlights

One of my highlights during the semester is when I attended Doc for a day. At the activity I saw my old friends I met over the summer. Here at Doc for a day I got to experience what medical students were studying mostly how to figure out what a patient has and what was the cause. Another highlight was going to UCSD and SDSU and saw what the campuses were like, and what programs the school offered. UCSD was more of a structural engineering college yet offered a lot of students many programs. An example would be if a student has broken a leg or body part then the school would provide them with assistance during their time of need. Another the example when I came to a realization that the tutors are helpful and are there for a reason and I want to give them credit for helping. One of the tutors, Eleina, was extremely helpful. She taught me chemistry lesson that I found very useful and I give my gratitude to her. Another highlight was the cultural party in Spanish. During the party everyone brought in a dish to share among the students and the food was good. I tasted new food like a Filipino pastry that was a sweet bread with cream cheese inside. Another highlight was in chemistry class and we all got to see color bands in light. In class there was a red beam and through a plastic screen on the side I saw color beams. Like a red light has color beams of shades of red, yellow, and orange. This motivated my curiosity in science to continue to want to know more.

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