The coronavirus #stayathome #flattenthecurve

THE WHY: As we are confined in our homes trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we must try and make the most of this situation. Nobody could have predicted, back in September when we started the course, that talking about viruses and fear and panic and death was going to be one of our topics this course. Despite our growing concern for what lays ahead of us, I cannot and will not give you a lesson that will cause you more pain and sadness. I want you to understand and use the vocabulary related to the situation we are living nowadays, but I also want to do my bit and help brighten up your day. I hope nobody takes offence.

We all know it's bad out there but fear and worry over the coronavirus have prompted a crop of funny videos that I hope help me put a smile on your face. We need to be worried and we need to have a sense of common responsibility. That's undeniable. But a little levity now and then is surely appreciated. I don’t need science to know that in times of crisis, laughter is the best medicine we have.

THE HOW: We are going to have a look at some funny videos and then we will discuss some questions.

Note: Please, if you own these videos, let me know to give you credit. They have been shared with me on whatsapp groups.

VIDEO 1. After watching the video, discuss why you think people got obsessed with buying tons of this item? Have you bought anything in great quantities in preparation for the confinement?

VIDEO 2. After watching the video, discuss : Is it happening to you? Now that you are confined, do you eat more than usual? Do you eat because you feel bored? Can you give us any tips to resist the temptation?

VIDEO 3. After watching the video, discuss: After so many days of confinement, what do you do to keep busy? Have you taken up any new hobbies?

Video 4. After watching the video, tell us if you are one of the thousands of Spanish citizens that applaud from their windows to show gratitude to health personnel.

#stayathome #flattenthecurve #keepsafe #staystrong

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Cristina Cabal