Prgressivism (Title: Progressivism) by: Josh Higdon

Since I had received $1 million dollars from my Aunt Bessie, I will first donate $600,000 for the cleaning necessary for the slaughterhouses. Because the slaughterhouses are so unsanitary that people don't know what they are eating. What makes it so unsanitary is that people don't clean their hands, the workers spit everywhere, there are dead rats (along with rat poop) grinded into the meat 'ready' to serve to the people. Because I would like save several people from getting sick and possibly save hundreds of lives from this unsanitary meat.
The next thing on my list of 'things-to-donate-money-to' is donate $300,000 to end child labor. I would like to end child labor, because it's not right for children to work. Sure, it builds character and muscle, but it's unhealthy for developing child to work at an unsafe and/or unsanitary workplace- like coal mines for example-. Not only will it probably end child labor, I am also willing to go out of my as to distribute the money for the children's' education IF there some left over.
With the rest of the money, which is $100,000, to women's suffrage. Mostly because the money is meant to help the women gain equal rights as the average man. Also, apparently I have nothing else better to do with the money (like my education). But I am forced to donate ALL of the money to someone else's needs because I am trying to fulfill Aunt Bessie's final request. But anyway, it also to help to support the women for those who don't have jobs.

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