Tsavo East National Park

Grey heron, similar to our Great Blue Heron.
Lots and lots of cattle egrets!
Pair of Egyptian geese and their new chicks.
White stork
They migrate from Europe for the winter.
The place where we stayed had a couple of water holes. Although the place itself is by no means as wonderful as the other accommodations, the activity at these water holes made it worth while. And, it's only minutes from the Voi stockades.
Never an easy task for a giraffe.
While the other giraffe was drinking, this one just stood there, ever vigilant.
They always have an entourage with them.... oxpeckers.
Time to go...
All day long, herds of elephants come and go.
Somebody always has to mess with the birds!
Playing in the water was water is always a favorite activity.
There is plenty to see even away from the water holes.
Those pesky oxpeckers!
Banded mongoose
Northern carmine bee eater and grey headed kingfisher
White throated bee eater
Black headed lapwing
Von Der Decken hornbill (I think)
Eastern Chanting Goshawk
There were two in the tree but we all thought there was just one. Turned out some of us were looking ar one bird and the rest were looking at the other.
Dik-Dik. Smallest antelope, not even 2 feet tall.
They mate for life. When one dies, the remaining one does not find another and often dies soon after.
I couldn't figure out why these photos of the buffalo and the oryx were so fuzzy. When I enlarged them on the computer, I could see heat waves distorting the image.
Beautiful acacia..
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Nancy Lewis

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