The Future:

Changes are going to be happening. I started using the name Bay Area Auto Scene around 2012 to showcase my own photos of the California Bay Area's Automotive scene. I used this name because I was hoping to get multiple photographers involved and help create a community feeling. It worked, just not as well as I would have hoped. While we did have some contributors it never reached the level that I would have liked. A few months into 2017 I handed over the control of Auto Scene because my new commute schedule no longer allowed for me to have the time to run it all. Fast forward to today, and I once again have more free time, but rather than re-boot the same site and try things again I have decided to make it all about me. While I appreciate all of the help I have gotten with Auto Scene in the past I have decided to continue as a solo effort. It will still be one eclectic collection of everything automotive, it will only showcase and promote my own work. I haven't fully decided what to call it, and exactly what it will be, but it will be similar to this project that I have been working on among the "Corona Quarantine" era.

If you want a chance to check out the old site, well it still lives here:

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Brandon Most