Life in a backyard By: nicholas kapetanakis

Establishing title shot

A journey through the jungle that is my backyard. With temperatures always fluctuating and light being the way it is, the jungle that is my garden. You will see things from a perspective that no one has seen before.



Because my story does not follow a man or woman, but simply life within the garden. I though that it would be clever to include the statuary as interaction. Showing personality and human qualities within the simplistic life of this area of nature.

Creative photography freestyle

Simplicity and tranquility at its finest. I decided this would be my freestyle, because of how peaceful yet descriptive life in my backyard looks like. The idea of being calm and beautiful runs free within the confided space of my garden.


Life can be interesting no matter where you are. These photos clearly show how interesting even the smallest of areas can be. With beautiful flowers, to gorgeous statuary. No matter the angle, here's always something to find

Absolute favorite

This is my favorite photo that I took, Simply because this is the most different out of all of them. This was the only photo that I took around eight in the morning and I'm proud of the result. It created such a wonderful and peaceful feel to this picture.


Thank you for following me through this peaceful journey. I hope that through these photos, you will also see just how wonderful the world and nature can be. Even if it's in your own backyard.
Created By
Nicholas Kapetanakis

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