The Toy Post provides children with a place to play and shop By Carly kaplowitz '21

Photos and Captions by Carly Kaplowitz '21

For all those worried about finding the perfect last minute gift the holidays, look no further: The Toy Post is here.

Located on 180 Post Road East, the new family owned toy store opened on Dec. 1, providing Westport residents with toys and children’s books all at one convenient location.

The Toy Post has toys that are suitable for all ages, along with eye catching displays that persuade you to buy their products.

“I think I will definitely shop here because I have some friends with younger siblings. This would be a great place to go and get a gift for them,” Nicole Jamieson ’21 said.

The store features a wide variety of board games, books and stuffed animals. There are many options to choose from with items that can interest infants, toddlers and teens. Something that is unique to this toy store is the reading corner that poses as a miniature library.

There are many stuffed animals to choose from, ranging anywhere from the classic stuffed bear to an owl.

“I think it is very convenient that they have a library in their store so that way you can walk in looking for a toy, but leave with a book too,” Kylie Cohen ’20 said. “They make looking for the two easier, because they are all at this one location.”

This miniature library will hold story times, read alongs or act as a place to browse to find your next read.

According to Nathan Shapiro, the store’s owner, the Toy Post’s main goal is to make the store very family friendly. Every time you walk in they help you find what you are looking for. They offer only the highest quality toys and books and always aim to satisfy the customer.

“The Toy Post offers a wide choice of high quality and always fun toys,” Shapiro said. “We also want to offer kids and their families a relaxed, comfortable and friendly space to explore books, toys and crafts.”

The Toy Post always has up to date toys, and offers the most popular toys to all.

Along with being able to buy toys there, they also plan to offer fun activities and gatherings in the future.

“We will be offering free story times, craft and play days,” Shapiro said. “We want The Toy Post to be a destination for play dates or just a morning out.”

Tables and chairs are located in multiple locations around the store providing places for children to sit and read.

The Toy Post features one of the widest varieties of toys and books for children in Westport and acts as a place for young families to get to know each other or shop. Shapiro is excited to bring something new to Westport and hopes to keep kids smiling for a long time.

The options for toys to choose from are endless.

“The Toy Post is really unique,” Shapiro said. “It is family owned and run and our staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable.”


Carly Kaplowitz '21

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