Andrea's Photography Andrea Teofilovic

f/ 3.5, 1/125, ISO 80

"Good Photography" was our assignment and I took that and branched off into depth. I think this photo really shows depth and I accomplished what I wanted to with this project even if I had to climb across narrow ledges and big drops, listening to a scary man play the saxophone.

Peninsular Paper Co.
f/ 4.1, 1/15, ISO 400

This assignment was self portraits, which I figured out could be very lonely when you're sitting in front of a tripod alone in your room. I had a lot of different ideas for this shoot but this photo ended up being my favorite just because of the lighting and how cute I look ;)

f/5.0, 1/800, ISO 100

Our assignment was street photography. I went downtown Ann Arbor during the climate strike and took a lot of photos of the people and everything going on. In this shot, I was standing behind this guy, listening to a woman speak. I saw the opportunity to capture the purpose of the strike as well as the people walking in from of him. I chose to make the background black and white so that the focus would be on the sweatshirt on his back.

Global Climate Strike
f/7.4, 1/250, ISO 100; f/7.4, 1/500, ISO 100; f/7.4 1/500, ISO 100
f/4.1, 1/15, ISO 400 (both)
f/8.3, 1/4000, ISO 200 (both)

This was a compositional point shoot and I decided to attempt to photograph the sun through leaves are a specific focal point in my photo. The tree photo was is not shot for the assignment but, I thought it was a good photo to include.

f/3.9, 1/15, ISO 1600
f/3.0, 1/125, ISO 100; f/3.4, 1/125, ISO 100; f/3.4, 1/125, ISO 100
f/5.0, 13.0 sec, ISO 100; f/5.0, 15.0 sec, ISO 100
Bradley Mackinder-Perception Assignment