My Personality By: Rayanna Black

ISFP: Introvert (41%) Sensing (31%) Feeling (31%) Perceiving (19%)

My personality type is ISFP. We are known to be the first to hear the different drummer. Many of us eagerly try new fashions and hip trends. We are more in touch with reality of our senses rather then living in the here and now. ISFP's can be charming and intending to gain approval when you first meet them. Some of us are fiercely competitive but this is mostly seen in men.

ENTJ: Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging

ENTJ's are the exact opposite of my personality, ISFP's. They have a natural character for leadership and giving directions. They require little judgement to plan an action whereas my personality type like to plan most things ahead. They are also very decisive with can be a good quality in a leader. ENTJ's are not big on their feelings and may often come off as rude when trying to comfort another person.


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