Heywood Prep February 2018


Nursery walk to Corsham Court - it's always fun playing in the mud!

It's been another busy half term at Heywood Prep Nursery, packed full of fun, discovery and learning for the younger members of the Heywood community. As well as a full range of letter, number, pencil control and shape work, the children have enjoyed and benefited from specialist PE and music sessions. In music the topic has been 'travelling and journeys' and in PE the children have been developing their co-ordination and ball skills. All the classes in nursery have undertaken a wide variety of creative activities allowing them to experience a range of different media and materials through messy art, topic related displays and our mark-making 'learning shed' based on the playground. As we reach the half-way mark in the academic year, we look forward to taking the children on the next stage of their journey of learning and discovery.


Reception cooking with Mr Collier
Supertato, ready to save the day! Swimming Lessons for Reception

This term saw the children entering a world full of superheroes. The children have immersed themselves by dressing up as their favourite characters ready to save whoever was in danger in the classroom. One of our favourite stories was 'Supertato' and we kept our eyes wide open in case an evil pea was lurking around the school! The children saved the day by making their very own 'Supertato'. Our phonics lessons have led to the children becoming increasingly confident to write independently and they eagerly described themselves as superheroes.

On Tuesday afternoons the children quickly change ready to climb into the pool for their swimming lessons. The cool water hasn't put them off and the children have developed their water skills, swimming on both their front and back. Whatever they are asked to do, from blowing bubbles to jumping in and sitting on the floor of the pool, there are always smiling faces popping up out of the water and children who are proud of their achievements!

The children have also developed their cooking skills this term and they all spent an afternoon with Mr Collier, our Head Chef. The concentration on the children's faces was a picture as they chopped, stirred and tasted the tomato and basil soup they had created. They all eagerly tried another sample the following day to accompany their roast lunch...yummy!


Forest School Antics. Learning about Christopher Columbus and Captain Scott, with Mr Ruane

The Year 1 topic of Global Explorers began with the discovery of a hot air balloon on the school field. Inside was a letter from Indiana Jones asking for their help. He was stuck in the Amazon Rainforest! The children have had to find out what it takes to be world-famous explorer, in order to build a crew to rescue him. The children have learnt about Christopher Columbus and Captain Scott, and how they discovered and explored new lands. “Captain Scott went to the bottom of the world and he stayed in a tent, and they all died of frost bite” (quoted by Libby). Next they will be looking to warmer climates where an explorer travelled the desert in search of new discoveries! Year 1 have also been enjoying their STEM lessons on Global Goals - Life on Earth. The children have been tasked as explorers to find out about some of the problems the oceans face and think about what we can do to help.

Year 2 have taken to the waves with thier new Topic, Oceans and Seas. In English Year 2 shared the story of Dougal the Deep Sea Diver and welcomed him into the classroom to ask questions about his time diving and the excitement of finding Atlantis. The children all then pretended to be Dougal, wearing his beard and asked each other questions about deep sea diving.

Year 2 are also having an enormous amount of fun at Forest School. Although the weather is cold, there are lots of different activities to keep them active and warm. The children all attempted to start a fire using a fire steel to set cotton wool alight and the children have also explored the woodland and built dens and even a seesaw!


In English, Year 3 have looked at the structure of adventure stories and written their own exciting stories. More recently they have had fun creating acrostic poems using alliteration and similes.

This term, Year 3 are finding out about life in Roman Britain in their Humanities lessons. They have learnt about the power of the Roman army and produced wanted posters for the famous Celtic rebel, Boudicca. The children very much enjoyed their trip to the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, discovering the wonderful artefacts they have on display there. They had the chance to dress up in suitable Romano-British costume, create mosaic designs and play some keenly fought board games called tabula and calculi.

In STEM lessons Year 3 have been investigating renewable energy and have been looking to set up a school recycling centre, a compost area and also looking at increasing awareness to save the energy costs through posters and displays.

Throughout this half term, Year 3 have been very practical in their Maths lessons, learning about angles, time and money. They particularly enjoyed the opportunity to visit a mock-up shop in Mrs Mitchell’s office and buy various items from her, checking to make sure they were given the right change!

This term, Year 4 have been hard at work singing, dancing, acting and learning everything they will need for their upcoming performance. Dances for bandits and tricky tongue-twisters for villains, the children have also been keen to understand the plethora of puns and plays on words within their scripts. Even they have started groaning now they understand just how terrible the jokes are!

They have been using their performance expertise to create their own play scripts (including songs!) in their English lessons. We have been blown away by their imagination when it comes to devising their own scripts but also their knowledge of stage directions, scene openings and ability to create a play that could be performed by others. The children can regularly be heard singing songs through the corridor on their way to lesson, or acting out parts of their plays at break time.

In Science, the children have been learning about states of matter and considering the vocabulary used when matter changes between a solid, liquid and gas. Some of them may even recall lines from a lovely water cycle song!

In their new STEM lessons, Year 4 are considering the UN's Global Goals that deal with inequalities and the consequences of unstable governments and institutions. The children are hard at work uncovering the simple inequalities within Heywood itself - watch this space as they will deliver their findings in a Summer Term assembly!


It has certainly been another action packed half term in Years 5 and 6, the highlights including the introduction of 'STEM' lessons and coming third in the Lego Robotics tournament. Mrs Evans' Lego Robotics team really excelled and we are incredibly proud of their positive and enthusiastic approach to teamwork and problem solving. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lessons have also really captured the children's imaginations and they have enjoyed working collaboratively when faced with finding solutions for complex, everyday world problems. Year 6 have been particularly interested in finding solutions to help reduce poverty and finding ways in which to provide clean water for all. Teachers have also enjoyed leading these sessions as they are very much directed by the children and follow their particular areas of interest. What has been particularly pleasing is the development of the children's independent research skills when faced with problems to overcome. They have not become despondent but demonstrated resilience and positivity.

Finally, Mrs Martin's ornithology competition has been a huge success and the teachers have been incredibly impressed by the high standard of artwork and handwriting across Years 5 and 6. It was certainly tough completing the drawing and writing in 50 minutes but the children rose to the challenge and produced an incredibly high standard of work. We look forward to seeing the finalists' work hanging up on the tree on the driveway!


Fencing at Leon Paul, National Fencing Centre in London

Once again, it has been a busy half term of sports. All of the age groups have been out playing fixtures in hockey for boys and netball for the girls. It has been unfortunate that a number of these games have been affected by the inclement weather, but we are hoping for an improvement in the weather after half term!

The Bath Schools’ festivals are always popular with our children, as it is a great opportunity to play lots of games against a number of schools, whilst also being a fantastic chance to socialise and build friendships. Heywood have enjoyed great success, particularly with the U9 boys and girls. However, equally, there has been great development with a number of our B teams who are now playing with greater confidence and ability.

In addition to this, we have entered two Independent Schools’ Association events and have achieved considerable success. At the Leon Paul, National Fencing Centre in London, and with over 80 fencers in attendance, Dominic achieved a Bronze in the Epee and 9th in Foil, whilst Rebecca earned a Bronze in the Foil and Silver in the Epee. Oliver achieved a Bronze in Sabre and 6th in Foil; George achieved 8th in Foil. This is a fantastic achievement for the Heywood Fencing Team, many of whom have only been fencing seriously for 12 months. The next event for them is the Bristol Foil on the 17th February and Gloucester Championships on the 25th February.

Another highlight this half term has been the Year 4 Girls’ ISA South West Cross Country team who stormed to success at Haldon Forest, Exeter in the Independent Schools Association, South West region cross country event. Congratulations to Michelle who achieved 1st place, Matilda (Year 3) 2nd, Holly 4th and Lily 7th. This was an incredible team performance. The Year 4 boys came in 3rd place overall, with Alfie G 4th place, Elliott 7th place and Tom D 10th place. Children who finished in the top ten will attend the National ISA Cross Country at Princethorpe College, Rugby, on Saturday, 3rd March 2018.


Heywood Harmonies hopped on their tour bus and headed to the Big Smoke on Friday, 2nd February. After a tour of the major sites, they arrived at the O2 ready for thier first stop at Frankie and Benny's, to fuel-up for the exciting day ahead! The afternoon was an all singing, all dancing rehearsal and opportunity for the children to form part of 7705-strong choir and meet the incredible artists they would be performing with. After a quick tea break, the sold-out arena started to fill and excitement mounted. As the lights dimmed, the torches were lit and the show was launched with an atmospheric rendition of 'Singing Together'. The entire show was electrifying from beginning to end and the children gave their all and performed with true Heywood spirit. An enormous "thank you" to all the parents for all their support and a massive well done to our incredible children.

Digital Citizenship - Computer Science

'Create, Connect and Share Respect - a better internet starts with YOU', read on ...

‘Create, Connect and Share Respect – a better internet starts with YOU’ was the message of our final week in Computer Science, to mark the globally renowned ‘Safer Internet Day.’ Pleasingly, this theme seemed to strike a chord, with high levels of engagement in evidence during lessons which encompassed the positive aspects of the internet as well as empowering children to conduct themselves safely online.

Indeed, the skills of ‘staying safe online’ are vitally important for children of today and here at Heywood, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our learners are equipped to thrive in this ever-increasingly digital age.

Every Heywood pupil takes an active part in Digital Citizenship lessons, which are an integral part of the Computer Science curriculum. Teaching covers a broad range of learning outcomes, under an umbrella of eight main topics: Self-Image and Identity; Communication; Digital Footprint and Reputation; Cyberbullying; Information Literacy; Internet Safety; Privacy & Security and Creative Credit & Copyright.

To give you an idea of our activities, this term has seen Year 4 evaluating the quality of websites after conducting a ‘web quest’ to find out about famous explorers; Year 5 collaborating online to create a digital citizenship pledge and Year 3 developing strategies to select effective keywords when searching online.

It is our firm belief that by embedding such skills within our Computer Science curriculum, we enable Heywood students to think critically, to behave safely, and to participate responsibly within our digital world. An incredibly serious aim for young minds, you might think, but it’s all achieved whilst having lots of fun!


Maths Murder Mystery at Hardenhuish School

On Tuesday 6th February, a group of Year 5 children attended a ‘Maths Murder Mystery’ day at Hardenhuish School. Miss Clarke, Head of Maths at Hardenhuish, prepared the children by introducing the famous equation: Speed = Distance/ Time and explained how each component could be covered up to work out different equations. This information would improve invaluable when the mystery was introduced: who had ended Lord Mortimer’s life at Pentagon Castle?

Using their knowledge of speed, distance and time, the children worked together as a team to finally identify ‘James Dunnit’ as the perpetrator- after discounting many other witnesses. What made this team so successful was the strong teamwork skills and communication the children used and the way in which they valued all opinions.

A special mention must also be made for the map of Pentagon Castle and its surrounding roads and gates. The children took great care to add all of their information onto their map in order to visualise the problem.

A thoroughly enjoyable morning was had by all and we look forward to taking part in further events.


This term has seen the launch of the new Learning Enhancement Department. Now encompassing Special Educational Needs, and Gifted, Able and Talented, Mrs Bidgood leads an experienced team of Learning Support Tutors and Teaching Assistants, working with teachers to ensure that all pupils are both supported and challenged to achieve their potential. This term Mrs Bidgood has worked closely with our Director of Studies, Mrs Millard, to ensure that our new Individualised Learning sessions match the needs, talents and interests of our pupils. In Pre-Prep, pupils are both extended and supported in Wizard English and Magical Maths with Fast Phonics ensuring that all pupils are sound on their phonological knowledge to support their spelling and reading, general knowledge, performance and critical thinking all add to the range of activities on offer. In Prep, Spelling and Times Tables Club enable pupils to secure these key skills and Debating, Sign Language, Latin and General Studies have caught the imagination to enrich our pupils’ interests and talents. Following a successful trial in the Autumn Term, some Prep pupils are working to improve their writing speed and fluency through the well-respected “Speed Up!" Writing course, which is proving both beneficial and fun! In the Summer Term, areas to be supported further are Touch Typing and opportunities for our talented sports students to extend their knowledge.

Our one-to-one learning support sessions continue to support pupils with their core skills responding to their individual need in a supportive environment. We were delighted this term to welcome back Mrs Klukowski to Heywood Prep, where she ably and enthusiastically supports our SEND pupils. This term, as a department, we have worked with the whole school to focus on the different learning styles of our pupils ensuring that our planning enables all of our visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners to succeed.

This focus on learning styles and the processes involved in identifying and supporting our GAT and SEND pupils was presented at our successful Learning Enhancement Evening on 1st February. All parents were welcomed to share in the passion we have for supporting our pupils, and many were surprised to see the number of resources we use to enhance pupils’ learning, including the many cutting-edge assistive technologies that we employ in the classrooms and our “one-to-one” sessions.

Wishing you all a lovely half term break from everyone at Heywood Prep...there's lots more in store next half term!

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