During SP17 Living Lab a team of VP's from across WE came together to implement the VP (R)evolution Project


Insights for the women's consumer

1. Be relevant for her; evoke an emotional connection and response to emotional and functional shopping

2. Deepen the connection through the localization of stories and experiences

3. Show a passion for product through innovative storytelling


  • Leverage insights provided by the UK territory teams, to tailor the VP & RB strategy to suit the local consumer
  • Use the SP17 seasonal kick off and Nike x FKA Twigs launch as a stage to pilot new ways of working
  • Empower the wider territory teams to make the right decisions in their markets

Focus Areas

  • Obsess the consumer journey
  • Present apparel in modules & collections that are activity and consumer focused
  • Introduce bold styling as a tool to inspire her with bigger, x-category mannequin moments & clear story telling


DISTINCTION: Focus on highlighting the key product / story that defines the category

DISRUPTION: Size counts; create an emotional connection through disruptive and innovative story telling

DIFFERENTIATION: Get closer to the consumer and make your work a signature


Leading with style as the key focus, the team elevated the engage zone presenting a x-category mannequin moment. This was supported by table and rail execution showcasing the King's Road inspired Running City Collection

DISTINCTION was created through the use of color - highlighting the key items on the lead mannequin presentation in the SP17 color way, Forest Green

Dri Fit Knit was maintained as the key Running apparel module on the ground floor, x-merchandised with select jackets and accessories for the running consumer

Focusing the VP strategy on wardrobing and x-merchandising relevant bras, footwear & accessories contributed to an uplift in UPT of +9.24% in the first full week of trading

In the basement the Running product was presented, again using elevated wardrobe merchandising and x-merchandising color coordinating bras and footwear to show inspiring head to toe looks for her

We created DISRUPTION with x-category mannequin moments on both floors, showcasing inspirational, color coordinating R / T / L looks

Bras saw an uplift of 20% week on week, with the wardrobe presentations allowing for key styles to be double displayed throughout the store

As a lead into Women's Training a small Team Collection was presented as a table and rail execution, highlighting key Hi-Brand Read items in black and white, that also provided a color pause moment

The remaining Women's Training product was presented in the back wall, in two clear, Gym Collection color stories - pink & green and red & blue, with neutral tones as the common thread

DIFFERENTIATION was created using variations of elevated wardrobe merchandising within each category, and supporting the presentations with category specific galley imagery

The remaining Women's Training product was presented in the back wall, as two Gym Collection color stories - pink & green and red & blue, with neutral tones used as the common thread through both

NSW product was also merchandised as collections showing ways to wear key Tech Fleece styles, together with tees, footwear and bras as head to toe looks

Additional fleece stories were combined with tights & tees to show outfit builds on the floor fixtures, supported by a x-category mannequin styled to speak to the King's Road consumer


Following the VP (R)evolution session a small group of WE VP's took part in a Q&A session with UK based stylist, Matthew Josephs

Matthew has risen to be one of the UK's most important up and coming stylists of today, most recently styling the SP17 Nike x FKA Twigs 'Do You Believe in More' campaign

Matthew brought in samples of his work, and talked us through his creative process, elaborating on the work done with Nike x FKA Twigs, and discussing the Nike Women's consumers and the ever changing world they live in

The insights given by Matthew were used as inspiration when styling the mannequins for the Nike x FKA Twigs installation in NTL, which in turn set the standard across the geo

This work resulted in more directional looks that speak to the local consumers yet still echo the look and feel of the campaign

Following the Living Lab each of the WE VP's in attendance at the styling session pulled together their key take away's in a one pager, highlighting a number of common themes:

'Understand your consumer and don't underestimate their intelligence'

'She takes inspiration from everywhere, life, art sport, music fashion........so should we'

'Reflect your consumers tastes, then elevate. Be unexpected, push boundaries, challenge the norm. Try it out then adapt or evolve it'

'Sport to Street styling is so relevant today, she doesn't just wear Nike to work out in, it's a lifestyle / fashion statement'


As we prepare to transition into SU17 and on into future seasons we continue to challenge ourselves to adapt the VP & RB strategies to best serve our WE consumers and implement flawless executions at every touch point

SP17: Focus on NTL & NKR as test stores to explore new ways of working

SU17: Highlight further opportunities in Women's spaces, DTC & W/S, in key WE cities

FA17: Use the market wide launch of the Women's Training collection strategy as a lever to further roll out the VP (R)evolution learnings



content: B. Caldwell, N. Sariyski & V. Bryden Photography: T. Morgan

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