Jim Crow Jason McGee

This shows the unfair treatment of black people in the Jim Crow era of the South.
During the Jim Crow south we see many black men lose their place in the government and regular jobs.

Political Effects of Jim Crow

In Jim Crow the black people of the south were misrepresented in the political landscape. As is shown in many photos their white bathrooms and other facilities and black bathrooms and facilities.

Black were written off as worse and not allowed to share anything that white people had, including jobs. Due to this the black men and women all lost their jobs and positions on government.

After they had all been restricted by the Jim Crow laws they were segregated from getting jobs and ended up having to result to share cropping, which was slavery for a certain amount of time and small pay.

Economic Effects of Jim Crow As is misguidedly shown in the drawing of the Jim Crow character, black people had many economic problems in the south including but not limited too, being paid below minimum wage and not even being to able to get jobs.
If black people were able to get a job and save up the money to go out or buy a home they were accosted with signs saying they could not go places and eat in restaurants.
The non-white people of Jim Crow were looked upon as lesser and therefore they got worse treatment and horrible conditions in life, such as being unable to buy certain homes and buy from stores.
Social Effects in Jim Crow During Jim Crow the social life of people was that blacks were always the underlings and respondees in conversation. They were always second to speak and never addressed white people themselves.
What is shown in the past is that white people oppresed every other race in America there hatred was directed towards blacks the most. They were overly rude and even hung them as shown in the picture. The treatment was violent and most definitely fell under cruel and unusual.

But the whites were never punished they were mistreated and even excused for their crimes that they admitted too. Their is no photo for this because the only evidence is interviews of people involved in the court cases of Jim Crow.

Jim Crow was a time of some the worst oppression in world history and because of this we still have a large divide in the white and colored people of America.

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