Potential in Africa Emily Degnan


Kenya has been placed among the top five countries in Africa for the low global oil prices, the exploration for oil in Turkana Country and some effort by the government to better infrastructure and the business environment as a whole. There are definitely still some obstacles in the way of taping its full potential, but it is seen as a "promising state in terms of economic growth".

This connects to what we talked about in class with African economies potential. It's there, but they just need to tap into it. Kenya has a large population increase on the way and I believe if they focus on this generation and keep them healthy and educated they can start to dig themselves out of poverty. Especially if Kenya is focusing more on infrastructure and business, I think they will slowly but surely be able to tap into their potential.


Gender based violence (GBV) is a huge problem in South Africa. It is prevalent across the whole country. The article also states that Intimate partner violence is also a predominant problem. 1 in 5 women have reported experiences of sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime. The Medical Research Counsel in South Africa states that the involvement of the GBV in this problem could help bring down HIV numbers. UNFPA in South Africa supports programs that target the end of GBV.

In class, we talk a lot about how countries have "potential". South Africa has definitely tapped into their potential but if there is a GBV problem, that could be holding the country back. In order to tap into their full potential, they need equality. There is no equality is one gender is being oppressed. You can't have a functioning society if gender based violence is a big issue.

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