Movie Review''Tangled'' By: asly franco.

Setting:Tower. Time:( 1h 41min ).
Summary of movie: Rapunzel is a princess who was kidnapped and locked in the top of a tower. Years later, the protagonist has grow and has become a beautiful and brave adolescence resolute. . . Keep going
The time has come to escape. Flynn Rider, on the other hand, is one of the best wanted of the United Kingdom. Their destinies are crossed by pore chance, and both make a pact. . . keep going
From the on, Flynn and Rapunzel live in on amazing adventure, a chameleon overprotective and of bad character a gang of thugs that is not what it seems, and the dangerous stepmother of the protagonist.
Who is your favorite character and why: My favorite character is the chameleon because although he is a small chameleon and helpless protects the princess and is very overprotective and bad temper very cute.
Did you like this movie? why or not: Yes, if i liked this movie a lot because I loved it as everything started with Flynn and princess Rapunzel and her pet also the chameleon.
Who would you recommend this movie to and why: I would recommed this film to children and also to those who like very funny and dramatic movies and a little action this movie is very good.


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