One with the Mountains Maria Gerardo

As we enter Colorado, the beautiful mountains come into full view and are lit by the evening sun. This marks the start of a new day, and perhaps a new adventure.

The Mountains of Colorado
“What A Glorious Greeting the sun gives the Mountains”- John Muir

The first stop, Sliverthrone Colorado. We visited a nature park full of caves, mountains, and rivers. When we entered the park, we stared in awe at the waterfalls that were in clear view. The waterfalls join together to make a beautiful scenery.

Waterfalls in Sliverthrone Colorado

After visiting the waterfalls, we decided to visit a river bank full of small pebbles. The river was cold and painful to step in, but that didn’t stop this little girl from playing in the water.

My little cousin

Caves in Colorado are always fun to explore. My brother decided to hike among the cave walls wondering what surprises he could find above. Though he was having a good time, the bats were not too pleased with our presence.

“Wonder what could be up there?”

The cave was a magnificent view! The “spikes” are called Limestone, formed though millions of years, perhaps older than any living being. The beauty of the limestone is truly a sight to see, yet close up it can cause a sensation of terror.

Beautiful but frightening

Taking a hike is a way we can interact with nature. Even though Colorado is cold, the plants and trees still seem to thrive despite the weather. The scenery seems to call us further into the depths of the forest.

Taking a hike

The view below shows the city and the mountains. As we stand among them on the platform my cousin starts smiling as if enjoying the fact that she is upon the city. Who says little ones can’t be on top of the world?

Looking upon the city

As the adventure comes to a close, a final picture expresses how beautiful the state of Colorado truly is. The amazing scenery below calls out to say goodbye and the mountains begin to shrink as we leave the state.

A final goodbye
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