Journey Log 6 Persistence

Throughout this week, I have showed an immense amount of persistence, and quite frankly, I wouldn't of gotten my work done without it. Like the girl in the above photo, I am not usually able to pay attention to a piece of text that I am reading for very long. I am actually not very good at reading, and that has been one of my downfalls to many classes in my education; a huge weakness in my opinion but as the course of this class has moved forward, I have noticed that i can pay attention longer to a piece of text and go longer of reading than of time without reading, like this week.

With the article this week, it was pretty short I'll be honest. However, that doesn't mean that it wasn't hard for me to stay focused. I found myself having to take breaks from it while stopping myself when I realized I was just reading the words without having to comprehend...I do this a lot. Anyway, my point in all this is that though I did struggle to pay attention to this reading especially because it was about rhetoric and who wants to actually learn about rhetoric? In addition, the video that went along with it. It was very boring, as is everything that covers rhetoric, but it helped me comprehend it a whole ton better. I also made leaps in my paper for Medusa. With the combination between reading the article in its entirety, and reading and writing corrections on my paper for Medusa, I cannot believe I did it. Some often look at me and don't understand why it is so hard for me, but if you had to have the persistence I do, things would be a lot different.


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