Levi Strauss Xavier herman

bio/early years

  • Industry: Fashion
  • Born in Germany
  • Originally named Loab
  • Moved to America at the age of 18
  • Became citizen in 1835
  • Dad died when he was 16

Beginning business

  • Worked for his brother's dry good business
  • Went to gold rush to sell his brother's products
  • Sold clothing, fabric, and supplies to other shops in the area
  • Gave money to lots of charities

Blue jeans

  • Customer called him
  • His name was Jacob Davis
  • Bought cloth from Levi and made more durable pants
  • Needed money to secure patent
  • Levi gave him money and also got partial credit in patent
  • Called them "waist overalls"
  • First made of canvas, then switched to denim
  • Dyed blue to hide stains

later life

  • Gave his nephews responsibilities in the company
  • Generous
  • Provided for 28 scholarships at University of California
  • Died at the age of 73 on September 26, 1902
  • He was at his home in San Fransisco
  • Jacob Stern took over (his nephew)

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