Afternoon at the Museum Blake Trauschke

I went to the Harn Museum at the University of Florida in late January and was not only surprised but captured by the amazing art we have on our campus.

Medium of the Art

This piece was titled Ode a l'Oubli. It is made out of pages from hand sewn cloth with lithography. This piece was made to be seen and "read" as a book made from cloth all through out her life as her own life story. Seeing the piece in person let's you actually be able to see every detail in the cloth and how each "page" is different that the one before it. I would say a photo of this would just look more like a quilt split up then framed. I enjoyed this unique memoir the artist created, and it helped me know her and her emotions in a way words might not have.

Design of the Museum

This is the Asian Art Garden right outside the Asian Art Wing. It not only has flora from different parts of Asia, like India and China, but it also features plants native to Florida. Although there is a glass wall between the garden and the museum, it is just as much part of the exhibit as any of the art is. Landscape architecture is not an art we normally think of when going through a museum, but the Harn showcases it well with this piece and others throughout. This garden reminds me a lot of my childhood home which had a koi pond outside my front door and brings me back to those days.

Art and Core Values

This piece is entitled I am Not a Persian Carpet #2 which appeals to my core value of equality. This piece is to show Western culture to not think of and see every Middle Easter woman the same way. They are all unique individuals and deserve to be treated as such. The artists body is printed with a traditional Persian carpet motif. She is fighting for her own Good Life and of her culture's Good Life as well. She is also showing a part of her body that would be considered obscene in the Muslim world and challenges feminism within her own culture.

Art and the Good Life

This Guerrilla Girls poster is everything I stand for in my own Good Life. I have lived in two of the most backwards states in America which were full of nothing but the white patriarchy. Fighting is the theme I see with this piece the most. Guerrilla Girls want to see more women and people of other ethnic backgrounds artists represented in the art community. They were also fighting for equal pay as their male counterparts. As someone who used to be paid less for a job than my less experienced male coworkers, I sympathize and support everything about this movement and art series.


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