Newsletter - Wednesday 7th March 2018

Pastors' Corner

More than 70 teens had an opportunity to hang out with their friends, enjoy outdoor games and a special worship program last Friday evening. Most were from non-Adventist backgrounds.

“Wired” is a new activity organised by the chaplains and staff at Wahroonga Adventist School and local church youth. It is all about establishing connections between the school and local church communities. It is hoped this will establish a foundation where the students will maintain their connection with the church communities as they get older.

The Concept of “Wired” is about our students having a safe place outside of school hours on a Friday night where they can connect more within our school family and invite their "out of school" friends to a chapel like program.

Wired into our school, Wired into the community and Wired into God.

Our next ‘WIRED’ Friday night will be at the end of our Middle School Week of Worship in the beginning of Term 2.

Upcoming School Events

Life Education Van

The Life Education Van will be visiting our School from Monday 19th March 2018 (excluding Wednesday 21st March) to Tuesday 27th March 2018. This will be for Prep to Year 6. Topics include:

  • Kindy: My Body Matters
  • Year 1: Ready Steady Go
  • Year 2: Safety Rules
  • Year 3: All Systems Go
  • Year 4: Cybersafety
  • Year 5: On The Case
  • Year 6: Decisions

For any parents interested in how Life Education supports your children's health, or for programs and resources, follow the link: www.lifeeducation.org.au/parents

NSW Interschool Snow Sports (K to 9)

This year during the winter school holidays, there is an opportunity for WAS to submit a team and/or individual entry to the NSW Interschool Snow Sports competition held in Perisher. Please note, you will have to provide all necessary equipment, accommodation and travel. There are costs associated with the competition. For full details, please see;

For expressions of interest, please contact Miss Sutton on tamika.sutton@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au

Primary School News

Primary Swimming Carnival Champions & Runners Up

Congratulations to the following Primary School students who were Age Champions & Runners Up and to the Primary School students who broke many records at our School Swimming Carnival.

5 Years Girls Novice Champion & Runner up - Jana V & Eliza C

5 Years Boys Novice Champion & Runner up - Charlie K & Hudson K

6 Years Girls Novice Champion & Runner up - Annabelle G & Briana K

6 Years Boys Novice Champion & Runner up - Lachlan P & Levi L

7 Years Girls Novice Champion & Runner up - Lavanya D & Millie M

7 Years Boys Novice Champion & Runner up - Kyle S & David C

6 Years Girls Champion - Harper W

6 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Lachlan M & Christopher E

7 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Olive G & Emmalee H

7 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Jude S & Joel R

8 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Claire H & Shivon C

8 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Max M & Lachlan H

9 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Sarah S & Madeline P

9 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Nicholas L & Oscar S

10 Years Girls Champions & Runner up - Abigail M /Salani S & Erin Q

10 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Eli M & Ashton B

11 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Kendra G & Eliza M

11 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Kenneth P & Riley T

12 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Naomi S & Kate R

12 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Cameron K & Caleb K

Encouragement Awards - Claudia G & Alfred K

14 records were broken - Congratulations to the following students!!!:

  • 9 Year Boys 50m Freestyle - 41.76s - Nicholas L
  • 9 Year Boys 50m Breaststoke - 55.90s - Nicholas L
  • 9 Year Boys 100m Freestyle - 1:39.01 - Nicholas L
  • 10 Year Girls 50m Freestyle - 37.12s - Abigail M
  • 10 Year Girls 25m Butterfly - 19.47s - Abigail M
  • 10 Year Girls 100m Freestyle - 1:31.05 - Abigail M
  • 10 Year Girls 50m Backstroke - 45.59s - Salani S
  • 10 Year Girls 4 x 25m Individual Medley 1:39.90 -Salani S
  • 11 Year Girls 50m Freestyle - 34.84s - Kendra G
  • 11 Year Girls 50m Breaststroke - 46.80s - Kendra G
  • 11 Year Girls 50m Backstroke - 43.51s - Kendra G
  • 11 Year Girls 50m Butterfly - 18.19s - Kendra G
  • 11 Year Girls 4x25m Medley - 1:29.13s - Kendra G
  • 12+ Boys 50m Breaststroke - 45.02s - Cameron K

Final Swimming Results: The Primary School Swimming Carnival was very close with PHILLIP winning with 832 points & HUNTER with 816 points. The High School Swimming Carnival wasn't so close with HUNTER winning with 587 points & PHILLIP on 250 points.

So the overall Winner of the School Swimming Carnivals was HUNTER with 1394 points

Clean Up Australia Day

Last Friday, 2nd March, both Year 1 classes helped to clean the school grounds as Sunday was Clean Up Australia Day! We learnt about the importance of keeping our environment clean and how easy it is to be responsible for our own rubbish! A big thank you to our parent helper, Jenny Sharkie who organised some gloves and bags and was happy to talk to the classes about recycling too! (Mrs Sedgman & Miss Fuller)

"We picked up rubbish to keep our school tidy which made me feel happy"! (Lillie O).

The children in Year 1 did a great job getting involved in Clean Up Australia Day. They were very enthusiastic and eager to help, and it hopefully made them a little more aware of their impact on this beautiful planet. Year 1 helped to collect 4 bags last Friday.  (Jenny Sharkie- parent organiser and helper)

Upcoming Primary School Events

ASISSA Swimming Carnival

The ASISSA Swimming Carnival will be held on Tuesday 13th March, at the Warringah Aquatic Centre. Letters have been sent home for the students who qualified for the carnival. If you have not paid as yet, could you please finalise the payment as soon as possible. They will be competing against 20 other Independent Schools.


Middle/Senior School News

SEQTA - High School Parent Portal

SEQTA setup information for the High School Parent Portal was emailed out to parents on 28th February. Through the parent portal you can see your child's timetable, homework, upcoming assessments and more. If you are having trouble logging in please contact the Middle School Office.

Student Sporting Achievements…

On the 14th of February, Lachlan C in Year 6 represented Wahroonga Adventist School at the ASISSA basketball trials. The day was tough, and Lachlan played extremely well. He was successful in his try out and made the ASISSA team, to compete at CIS.

On the 23rd of February, Lachlan competed at the CIS basketball tryouts where he was able to show the selectors his skills and make the CIS team. He will now go to State with the CIS team. Congratulations Lachlan and good luck in state!

Congratulations to Udit D in Year 8 who was awarded the Runners Up trophy for winning the semi finals at the Junior Championship Tennis Series at Vince Barclay on 18th February. It takes a lot of hard work to make it to that level, not to mention the stiff competition! Well done Udit we are really proud of you!

Upcoming Middle/Senior School Events

Year 5&6 SDA Basketball Gala Day - Thursday 8th March

Selected students have been asked to represent the school at the Year 5 & 6 Greater Sydney School Basketball Gala Day on Thursday 8th March. Students need to be at school ready to depart by 8am. Students will travel by bus to Macarthur Adventist College and are expected to return around 3.10pm. Please ensure your child wears their full sports uniform and has a packed lunch with snacks and water.

High School: University of NSW ICAS Educational Assessments

Details of this years NSW ICAS Educational Assessments for high school students have been emailed out today. If you would like your child to take part please complete and return the permission slip along with payment by Wednesday, 14th March 2018.

Senior School Day of Worship - Thursday 15th March

The Senior School Day of Worship is scheduled for Thursday, 15th March 2018. Students need to be at school ready to depart by 8.00am. They will enjoy a fun morning of either ice skating, mini golf or team games followed by worship and lunch at Macarthur Adventist College. Please note lunch is provided, so students will only need to take snacks and water. Sports uniform is to be worn (don't forget to dress on the warmer side if you're ice skating!) Permission slips will be sent home this week.

The Globe Café

‘The Globe Café’ will be open from 2.00pm-3.00pm every Monday and Friday commencing this week! Please make your way to the School Office to sign in before heading up to the Textiles class room on Level 3.

Each semester, Year 8 Café students are given the opportunity to create and run their own café. This class gives students an introduction to the food service and hospitality industry through allowing them the experience of taking orders, preparing food and serving customers.

This class is a source of much excitement for students, and your support is greatly appreciated!

Skoolbag is Live

Thank you to all those parents/caregivers who have set up their new accounts for Skoolbag, logged on and subscribed to your student's classes. For those who are still having some issues or who haven't logged in yet here are few FAQ about Skoolbag

How do I set up a Skoolbag account?

On Friday the 2nd of March we sent out an email, from 'Wahroonga Adventist School', to every parent's email address in the current school database. This email contained the following request to 'Dear [Your Name] You have been invited to register as a user for Wahroonga Adventist School.......'. If you missed seeing that email, try searching for 'Wahroonga Adventist School' or look through your emails from last Friday, if it isn't there check your junk mail box. If there is nothing in there, please contact Jax or Carmen so they can check that your email address is correct in our system and then reissue you a registration email.

I don't know any of the passwords to relevant areas?

As part of a large number of emails that you might have received on Friday, there were two that related to the passwords. The first one titled 'Skoolbag PDF parent guide and whole school subscription passwords', contained a PDF guide for logging in and setup up your classes subscriptions and the passwords for the different whole school groups.

The second one entitled 'Skoolbag [Class] Subscription Password', is the password that is specifically for your child class area. For security reasons, we ask that this does not get shared outside of the class group. Once you have found your passwords, please refer the PDF guide with how to subscribe to the different areas. If you can't find your class's password, please email your homeroom teacher for the password.

Why am I not seeing any of the posts from my student's teachers?

This is due to you subscribing, using the password, to your child's class but not being logged into the app with your new registration. Here are a couple of reasons why this might be the case:

1. You pressed 'skip for now' at the start when it prompted to enter an email address

2. You are still logged in to the app your account from last year. Due to an upgrade of the Skoolbag system, we needed to reissue everyone with new accounts. The app has you still logged in even though your previous account no longer exists. You will need log out of the app. To do this click on the 'More' tab on the bottom right and then 'Update My Profile', then log in with the account that you were promoted to set up in an email from 'Wahroonga Adventist School'. See the previous FAQ for more information. You should be able to access the posts then.

As the term and year continue, we plan on adding new subscription areas that are relevant to the different aspects of our school life, such as choirs, running clubs etc. The teachers in charge of those groups will notify you the name and passwords to access them.

If you don't already have the app installed on your device, you can download it by searching for "Wahroonga Adventist School" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Below is the link to our upcoming calendar events. Just click on the link below to access it.

Canteen News

Thank you to all the helpers we have had this term. We are very grateful for your help and support! If you have any time from 30 mins to a couple of hours any morning of the week we would love to see you. No experience is needed, just the willingness to help, chop, pack bags and serve our lovely students. If you are interested or have any spare time please jump on to https://www.volunteersignup.org/RCYP3 alternatively just pop in and lend a hand.

The times we need the most help are below:

  • First thing in the morning to chop, dice and prepare snacks
  • 10:30am for Middle/Senior School morning tea service
  • 11:10am for Junior School lunch service
  • 11:50pm for Middle/Senior School lunch service

Meals with Love

Library News

Library Open Day and Information Night

A big thank you to those of you who attended the Library open day/evening, and to those who made purchases at our Scholastic book sale. Our sales came to a total of $2460, of which we earned a commission of $492 that will be used to buy further resources for the library.

Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC)

The PRC website https://online.det.nsw.edu.au/prc/home.htm is now active for the 2018 challenge. On this website you can read about the challenge, check the rules and regulations, access the extensive book lists, read the privacy policy and access your child’s reading record. Please use the same username and password as last year. I have a list of the usernames and passwords so if you have forgotten them email me at library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au – however, for future reference please keep a record of this password as it is time consuming to have to reissue them at the beginning of every year. If you have no internet access keep a list of the titles (and ID numbers) of the books read, and when finished hand it in so I can enter your child’s list on-line.

If you are new to our school your child/ren’s usernames and passwords will be sent out with an accompanying information sheet this week. If your child has completed the challenge elsewhere please contact me at library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au with the details of those challenges (which school and which years) and I will contact the PRC team and have your challenge history brought over to our school.

After only one day of internet access I am pleased to announce that we already have a student who has completed the challenge. Congratulations to Sophie Lee (Year 1) excellent reading!

Bits and Pieces

Coles Sports for Schools Program

The Coles Sports for Schools program is well underway and we are very grateful for all the vouchers coming in!! Our total is currently at 4,919... so please keep the vouchers coming!! Customers at Coles, Coles Express and Coles Online will receive one voucher for every $10 spent just by doing their regular shop. We encourage our students, families and friends to get involved and collect as many vouchers as possible to help us reach our sports gear target!!

Kids Up Front Camp

Burmese Cat Society of Australasia

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS - of the Burmese Cat Society of Australasia.

  • WHERE: St Ives Community Hall - Located on the Green Opposite St Ives Shopping Village Access via Memorial Rd.
  • WHEN: Sunday the 11th March from 10am - 4pm
  • COST: $2 per person or $5 per family

Come and see a huge range of cat breeds including Abyssinian, Bengal, British, Burmese, Burmilla, Rex, Russian, Scottish Fold and more. Meet breeders and listen to our judges. Wonderful range of food available on site.


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