MOHAMED ALNUMA A musician, poet and researcher in Philosophy and Arts.

Mohamed Alnuma

"The river had golden reflections for the one who crossed the little bridge."

A Franco-Iraqi, musician and poet, his career unfolds itself as a creative process based on a double articulation : Bringing the elsewhere to "here and now", taking the "here and now" to the elsewhere.

Born in Kuwait in 1963 to an Iraqi family.

Very early his interest goes not only to the musical colors of his native region, but also to the contemporary western music.

He arrives in Paris in 1980 and studies music theory at Ecole Nationale de Musique and improvisation at The American School of Modern Music.

He gives his first concerts in duet and trio as a jazz guitarist.

Some years after he rediscover the Oud and oriental singing as he goes back to his roots and forms several groups, in France "PĂȘcheurs de perles", in Greece "Roubayyat", in India and Turkey "Hawa", in Spain "Andalusian wind", in Israel-Palestine "Jalajil". All with local and international musicians.

Apart from the strictly musical projects, he co-foundes with his wife Daniell Alnuma (dancer and choreographer), the Company Orientations in which he collaborates as a musician and as a artistic director.

Many shows were created around the world, such as "Afikna" in Israel Jerusalem festival, "Nostalgia" in France and Africa, "The Rite of Spring" in France and India, and many others.

Since 2013 together with Daniell, they direct an open air theatre in Goa, the Jungle dance theartre, where ambitious dance and music shows are created and promoted.

In the last ten years Mohamed Alnuma has been studying philosophy and its relation to art and literature, integrating and developing views of French philosophers such as Henry Bergson and Gilles Deleuze.


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