Release Notes Release #26 - 7 May 2019

Goal: Address customer feature requests.


4623 - Scheduler Week View

Week View has been added to user profiles with the role of Doctor. All Doctors who also have the Practice Admin role in their profiles, simply to access Week view, can now adjust their user settings.

3835 - Date & Time Format in HL7 Lab Result Files

The dates and times recorded in HL7 lab result files that were previously being misinterpreted as 01/01/001 are now displaying correctly and will appear in chronological order in the Clinical Journey screen.

1869 - Validation of Referral on Invoices

This has been reintroduced following a suite of enhancements to the Invoice screen. Saving invoices with MBS items and no referrer will result in the user being prompted to add a referrer in order to process a claim successfully.

4347 - Naming Documents in the Letter Editor

Instead of defaulting to the name of the document's author, documents can now be assigned a chosen name within the Letter Editor. The document name will be reflected in Documents, Clinical Journey, as well as in the Patient Portal.

4692 - Filtering Secure Messages

All secure messages are able to be filtered by Doctor Name, Patient Name, Date of Birth and Date Range of when the message was received.

2398 - Notes Field in Contacts and Companies

A Notes field has been reapplied to Contact and Company records in order to capture additional information about the individual or organisation.

4099 - Addition of SpO2 to Vitals

Required to be enabled in Consult Settings > Vitals, the SpO2 measurement has been added to the list of Generic Vitals that can be recorded.

4648 - MBS Item Number Handling

We have made enhancements in how we handle item numbers which have been removed from the MBS at time of update. As a result, users will no longer experience discrepancies between the MBS and PHI schedules when billing item numbers.

3321 - Manual Payments in Bulk Bill & DVA Claims

Users now have the option to apply payments manually for Bulk Bill and DVA claims. This was previously only available for PHI claims.

3530 - Facility ID in Claims

We have extended the claim types in which a hospital Facility ID number is documented. It is now also available on all in-patient claims, including printouts in support of manual claiming.

Issues Resolved

5703 - Incorrect Document Name in Clinical Journey

Resolved an issue in the Clinical Journey screen where documents were being assigned the name of the document's author instead of the document's actual name.

5697 - Sorting Contacts By Speciality

In the Contacts screen, the ability to filter contacts by Speciality has been restored.

PZ-437 - Private Claim Submissions

Corrected a problem where private claims were being rejected because MBS items were being sent in reverse order.

PZ-317 - External ID Missing From Exported Scripts

Patient External ID data is now included when exporting scripts using theĀ Settings > Export feature.

PZ-398 - Deleting Recall By SMS Favourites

Users are now able to entirely delete favourites from the SMS editor in the Recalls feature.

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