Imperialism by Austin G

What is Imperialism?

Imperialism is like an Empire. It’s referring to a STRONG country taking over a weak country.

Imperialism in Puerto Rico, 1908.

The photo above, The United States tried to take over Puerto Rico because we needed military forces. At the time, almost every city in the US had a military base.

The Revolution of Haiti, February 4th, 1794.

The photo above, they fought back against France. They became the first Black Republic in 1804. In 1791, Haiti was in French's possession.

The War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1714.

The photo above, the War of Spanish Succession took place between 1701 and 1714. The Spanish royal line died out with Charles II. He died due to interbreeding among the Hapsburg that led to genetic issues. That left the throne of Spain and a very powerful country, empty. Louis XIV, then the most powerful man in Europe, wanted to put one of his grandsons in control of Spain.

The British landing in South Africa after navigating from the Cape of Good Hope.

The photo above, Rudyard Kipling wrote the "white man's burden" which was basically Britain's reason to be imperialistic. This made Britain feel like the European's were the best of the best, so Britain figured that Africa was a lower class than them, so they went after them.

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